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Little Lives UK

Children’s Charity

Little Lives UK are proud to be a children’s charity who support disabled and disadvantaged children and young people to help them build stronger futures.

Working within our communities we identify some of the major problems that children are facing and organise projects that will help try to resolve these issues.

Registered Charity No. 1171884

Our charity campaigns

helping children in need

Children’s Community Support Programme

Children’s Community Support Programme

We have launched our Children’s Community Support Programme, where we look to support organisations that work with children and provide activity sessions. Many children’s groups are struggling as a result of cuts to funding, so to ensure that these vital services can continue to be accessed, we are offering to help with a donation, that we hope will make a considerable difference to the amazing work that they do.

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Someone To Talk To – Mental health project

Our ‘Someone To Talk To’ project will bring essential mental health services into schools where pupils are most in need. Working with the The Listening Ear, we’re funding therapy sessions for children who need support. Poor mental well-being amongst children increases the likelihood of antisocial behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse, and involvement in criminal activity in later life. It’s vital that we help our children now.

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Someone To Talk To
Technology Donations Programme

Technology Donations Programme

Despite the developments there have been in the technological world, there are still many children that don’t have access to any devices. In order to guarantee that children can acquire the right tools to learn, we have launched our technology programme. We will donate up to 25 electronic items per donation, to schools and other children’s organisations, which will enable the children access to the correct technology for learning.

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our work

We collect a variety of items from donations in London, all of which will hugely help our efforts in supporting disabled and disadvantaged children across the UK. If you have any unwanted clothes, shoes, books or toys that you no longer use or want, feel free to book a collection, and we’ll come and pick them up from your home for free.

You can support Little Lives UK by raising money through fundraising. Whether this be a small event in your community, school or workplace, we would appreciate any efforts in raising money for our projects. You can organise this yourselves, or you can find out some additional ways in which you can fundraise for us.

If you choose to leave Little Lives UK a gift in your will, you’re choosing to leave the perfect gift for many children, a bright future. Gifts in wills are fundamental for charities in the work they do, and we are certainly no exception, as ultimately your decision could be life-changing for many children.

Donating your old or unwanted electronic items can help to make a huge difference to the lives of children and their families. Your donated devices will be used as part of our Technology Programme and will go towards providing children in the UK with access to devices that will greatly help with their education.

Children’s charity projects

we have recently supported

Caedmon Company for Drama Workshops – Using performance arts, the Caedmon Company are helping to improve the wellbeing of social disadvantaged children and young people who attend school. 
A six week project called ‘The Hero’s Journey’ gives the opportunity for children, who have been signposted by school leadership teams, to travel to the West End in London to take part in acting, creative writing, singing and dance sessions with the hope that it will boost their confidence, teach them skills which can be used in the wider community and develop their creativity.
The Caedmon Company are hoping to develop a lasting partnership with the Darlinghurst Primary School in Essex and with the wider Southend-on-Sea community to help as many children as possible.
Strength and Learning Through Horses – SALTH provide children who are suffering with mental health concerns the opportunity to learn to look after horses and gain transferable skills that can be applied into their day to day life.
The under 5’s nursery with the Laughter Specialists Charitable Trust – Aiming to bring happiness and joy to children who are living with disabilities in Essex, the LSCT provide sessions that help to encourage children to learn ways of communicating with each other through play, laughter and everyday techniques.

Our charity

partners and supporters

Our children's charity supporters

Our partners are with us every step of the way. They offer some fantastic support and amazing donations that truly help the work we support and do with children around the UK who are living with disabilities or are living in challenging circumstances. We couldn’t be more thrilled for all of the support they have shown us over the years and we look forward to working with every one of them in the future.

With our ever-growing network of other charities, organisations and schools around the UK and more children than ever in need of support, new partners are always welcome to help support ourselves and the children of the UK. 
New partners can benefit from exposure from our growing media presence, access to other charities to continue their good work and a chance to give back to the children’s community.

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making a difference to the lives of thousands of disabled and disadvantaged children.

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Frequently asked


Is Little Lives UK a registered charity?

Yes, Little Lives UK is a registered Charity No. 1171884 with the main office in Poole, UK. The charity was founded in 2017.

Who do Little Lives UK support?

Our aim is to provide the best start in life for children and young people around the UK. We support children who are living with disabilities and those living in challenging backgrounds from all across the UK who are in need of support.

How can I get involved?

There are plenty ways to support our work. You could volunteer with us in one of our charity shops, you can help us by fundraising for us with an event or challenge, or you could simply donate your unwanted electronics or clothing.