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Little Lives UK are proud to be a London based children’s charity. We support disabled and disadvantaged children and young people in their London communities to help them build stronger futures. Working within our communities we identify some of the major problems that London’s children are facing and organise projects that will help try to resolve these issues.

We provide opportunities to children around London, that will help them build confidence, so they can go on to become safe, responsible and happy adults.

August 2021 campaign

London Basketball Association 

Established in 2012, the London Basketball Association strives to benefit young people through their ethos of engagement and prevention and addressing specific issues young people face that can result in compounded difficulties in their adult lives if not addressed.
The donation from Little Lives UK has helped to contribute towards a twelve-month long project called BOOST (Basketball for Outstanding Opportunities, Skills and Training). This project has a multi-dimensional approach which concentrates on mentoring, development and a training programme which incorporates Basketball into improving mental wellbeing, engaging with peers and staying active.

The London Basketball Association helps young people mainly from the areas of Lambeth, Brent and Westminster but also cover the whole of London. A lot of the participants are from the BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) and young NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Schemes like this are so important as research conducted by the London Basketball Association found that 78% of the young people that they support are on the margins of crime and gangs, at risk of engaging in crime and anti-social behaviour. The project provides an outlet that helps occupy young people instead of them bowing to the peer pressure to join gangs and gain the so-called respect from what is perceived to come from it.

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Children’s Community Support Programme

We have launched our Children’s Community Support Programme, where we are looking to support London based organisations that work with children. Many children’s groups are struggling as a result of Covid-19, so to ensure that these vital services can continue to be accessed, we are offering to help with a donation that we hope will make a considerable difference to the amazing work that they do.

Someone to talk to - Mental Health Project

Our ‘Someone to talk to’ project will bring essential mental health services into schools in areas of London most in need. Working with the London Children’s Practice, we’re funding therapy sessions for children who need support. Poor mental well-being amongst children increases the likelihood in later life or antisocial behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse, and involvement in criminal activity. It’s vital that we help our children now.

Technology programme

Despite the developments there have been in the technological world, there are still many children that don’t have access to any technological devices. In order to guarantee that children can acquire such items, we have launched our technology programme, where we will donate up to 25 electronic items to schools and other children’s organisations, so that many children can then learn more from using these devices.
charity shops
Buying from our store is not just about going home with a new item, it’s about
making a difference to the lives of hundreds of disabled and disadvantaged children.

Free clothes collection

We collect a variety of items, all of which will hugely help our efforts in supporting disabled and disadvantaged children across London. If you have any unwanted clothes, shoes, books or toys that you no longer use or want, feel free to book a collection, and we’ll come and pick them up from your home.

Fundraise for us

You can support Little Lives UK by raising money through fundraising. Whether this be a small event in your community, school or workplace, we would appreciate any efforts in raising money for our projects.  You can organise this yourselves, or you can find out some additional ways in which you can fundraise for us.

Donate electronics

Donating your old or unwanted electronic items can help to make a huge difference to the lives of children and their families. Your donated devices will be used as part of our technology programme and will go towards providing many children in London with access to devices that will greatly help with their education.

Leave a gift in your will

If you choose to leave Little Lives UK a gift in your will, you’re choosing to leave the perfect gift for many children, a bright future. Gifts in wills are fundamental for charities in the work they do, and we are certainly no exception, as ultimately your decision could be life-changing for many children.

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