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London is a vibrant city with many opportunities and a strong sense of community. Despite this, many children are affected by poverty.


Little Lives UK is proud to be a London-based charity whose primary focus is children. We are passionate about providing support and opportunities to children who are disabled or disadvantaged.

April 2021 campaign

Music Marvels

Little Lives UK are thrilled to begin working with a number of organisations that work with children, through our ‘Children’s Community Support Programme’. We’re delighted to announce our donation to The London Reading Centre’s project ‘Music Marvels’ as part of our April campaign.

Their project, ‘Music Marvels’ is part of their after-school sessions where young people in their community are taught how to play a variety of instruments in a safe environment. The sessions offer them the opportunity to interact with positive role models they can relate to, providing them with a fresh perspective outside of their home life. They will have experienced staff running the sessions, to whom they can confide and develop a mentor relationship. The time they spend with their instructor will develop their creative skills, whilst additionally allowing them to release stress and enjoy their sessions. The money donated by Little Lives UK is being used to purchase new musical equipment, whilst also allowing the young people to be continuously trained by an experienced and professional music instructor.

Young people have greatly been impacted by Covid over the course of the past year. Constantly being stuck at home has led to many problems for young people in London, particularly in regard to their mental health. Taking part in recreational activities are an effective way for young people to overcome their mental health issues. Learning new skills, such as a musical instrument, and interacting with positive role models will certainly help these young people.

Music Marvels
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Little Lives always needs the support of volunteers in our shops. Whether you are looking to get back in to work, improve your English or simply have some time to spare and would like to help support a charity in your community, we would love to hear from you!


There are many ways you can get involved and support Little Lives UK. Help to improve lives of disabled and disadvantaged children.


By donating to Little Lives UK, you are helping to change the lives and future of children within London and your community. Every donation that we receive supports projects and organisations, that work to ensure that they make a difference to the lives of young people in London.