London is a vibrant city with many opportunities and a strong sense of community. Despite this, many children are affected by poverty.

Little Lives UK is proud to be a London-based charity whose primary focus is children. We are passionate about providing support and opportunities to children who are disabled or disadvantaged.

November campaign

In November last year, Little Lives UK agreed to help Feltham Community Boxing Club, by offering a donation that would see us pay a year’s rent for them. We are pleased to announce that for a second year, we are going to continue supporting the club, particularly given the challenging times many organisations are facing. We want to guarantee that Chris and his amazing team can continue to run weekly sessions for many local young people in the Feltham Community. As a result of Covid-19, the number of attendees had to be reduced, but we hope our funding will help Chris and his team to gain new equipment that will help with social distancing in order for the club to continue operating.

Little Lives UK initially funded Feltham Community Boxing Club to inspire more children in the community to stay out of trouble and learn more about the sport through Chris and his team. Ensuring that the club can continue throughout Covid-19 with socially distanced sessions was something we as a charity were very eager to guarantee. Young people in the Feltham community can really benefit from attending their sessions every Friday evening. Not only do they benefit physically, but mentally too. Chris mentioned that parents have approached him saying their children have gained more confidence, leading them to being better behaved and as a result were doing better in school. We believe Feltham Community Boxing Club exemplifies the power of sport in teaching young people lessons that go further than the sport itself.

Feltham Community Boxing Club
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