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Welcome to Little Lives UK
Children’s Charity

We’re a UK-based children’s charity, with a shop on Tooting High Street, South West London,
and work hard to support disabled and disadvantaged children across the capital.
And we’d love you to be part of our journey!

Our mission

At Little Lives UK, we’re passionate about supporting young people
in our local community, both children who are disadvantaged, and those who are disabled.
Through our fundraising, we help to improve the lives of children and young adults,
offering care assistance, access to fun and educational activities, and more.
Our work has allowed the children to develop their social skills,
help them live long and happy lives, and make their own contributions to society.
There’s a long way to go, but we’re working hard to help as many people as we can.

Little Lives UK simply wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors,
who help to support our youngsters in need. We have opened our own charity shop
in South London, we run a home collection service in North West and South West London,
and we accept donations – whether financial or physical donations – from our store.
Your support means that children can receive life-changing help and support,
so they can live life to the fullest.

London children’s charity

With so many charitable organisations to choose from, it can be hard to know who to help.
At Little Lives UK, we’re passionate about giving back to local people and sharing the stories
of how your donations have made a difference. We’re a small, local team, and we’re unique in the fact
that we meet all of the children we help, which means we can really get to grips with
what young people need, and help to support and deliver services that have lasting benefits.

Little Lives UK Team

London is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and although billions of pounds enter
our economy every year, through banking, tourism and more, the city still remains
most affected by child poverty, and that simply has to change. Indeed, so many children in our capital,
and in other parts of the UK, live under the poverty line, meaning that they cannot afford
to eat well, go on school trips, pay for clothing and other utilities,
or live a free and comfortable life.

Thanks to your donations, and the expertise, passion and willingness of Little Lives UK
and the charities and organisations we work with, we can support disabled
and disadvanced children, give them the necessary medical and psychological care
that they need, assist in them having a full and active role in their local community,
and, perhaps most importantly, help to end childhood poverty.
After all, no child should have to go hungry or worry about how their family is going
to be able to pay the bills. Right now, we can’t assist everyone that needs
our help in London, but we hope that one day, with your generous support, we can.

Our campaigns

At Little Lives UK, we like to make a difference, and over the years have supported
many local campaigns.
Royal Society for Blind Children
To ensure our funds are distributed fairly and across causes
that will impact as many children as possible, we put the spotlight on new campaigns
every two months. So far, we’ve helped Lea’s family pay for her physical therapy,
Lucas start his physical rehabilitation and learn to walk, fund a Makaton training
course to help young people who cannot communicate effectively to improve their speech
and language skills, support the St Christopher’s Fellowship to provide young homeless people
with care and accommodation, the Royal Society for Blind Children,
the opening of a new children’s home in Balham, and more.
We’re always rolling out campaigns, so see what we’re up to now.

Get involved

We’re working hard to make young people’s lives much easier, but we need your help.
You can book a charity collection in London, and a member of the Little Lives UK team
will visit your home or office and collect your unwanted clothing, books, shoes,
accessories, electrical items, and more. After collecting your donations, we inspect and clean them,
and then sell them at our charity shop. Proceeds go towards helping projects in London
and throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you’re having a clear-out at home
or you want to get the whole office involved, we’d love to hear from you
and collect your unwanted items and donations which we can sell on.

We also accept electronics and old phones and offer a free collection service
to give you a helping hand. At present, we’re looking for televisions, DVD players,
home cinemas, games consoles, desktop computers, laptops, tablets,
smartphones, cameras, iPods and speakers.

Charity Donation

For those who have some spare time and want to give back to the local community,
then we are also looking for volunteers and fundraisers to help Little Lives UK.
We’d love to invite you to help us at our Tooting Broadway charity shop,
whether you’re unemployed, retired, need some work experience or simply want to get involved.
Alternatively, you can help fundraise for Little Lives UK, whether you host a cake baking sale,
organise a jog, or even take part in a charity live stream.
Find out more on our Virgin Moneygiving profile, and get started today.

Finally, we accept donations in person or over the phone, so get in touch
if you’d like to pledge your support. You can even sign up to Gift Aid, which means
we’ll be able to claim an additional 25p for every £1 that you donate to our charity.

Every penny helps our campaign, and so signing up to Gift Aid unlocks additional funds
which we can put into good causes.

Find out more

You’ve already made it to our website, so please feel free to peruse our pages
to find out more information about who we are and what we’re doing.
You can follow our journey on social media, too, by liking our page on Facebook
and following us on Instagram, where we’ll share regular updates
on what we’ve been getting up to and how your donations are helping.