London is a vibrant city with many opportunities and a strong sense of community. Despite this, many children are affected by poverty.

Little Lives UK is proud to be a London-based charity whose primary focus is children. We are passionate about providing support and opportunities to children who are disabled or disadvantaged.

December campaign

For our December campaign, Little Lives UK decided to fund resurfacing works in the outdoor area of Tree Tops Short Break Unit, which is our biggest donation to date. Tree Tops provides children with disabilities, aged 5-18, with a welcoming and friendly environment that they can treat as home. After visiting their exceptional facility and hearing about the inspiring work they do for disabled and disadvantaged children in the Dartford community, the charity was in no doubt that we wanted to help, through our funding for work to be completed.

The outdoor area of Tree Tops, that the children frequently use and enjoy, needed maintenance work to be done, in order to make it more suitable for the children, who would then be able to play much more freely. They have roughly 50 children that use their facility and want to provide a positive experience for all these children, to make sure they always have fun and have a better-quality life as they grow up. Little Lives UK shares their beliefs in wanting to help young children with learning difficulties, so the decision to fund their new outdoor area was an easy decision.

Mariama, manager of Tree Tops, underlined just how important the resurfacing work will be, “Little Lives UK’s funding for our new wet-pour safety surfacing will allow the children to play much more freely, whilst also being safer. Especially for some of our children in wheelchairs who previously couldn’t play in the area, now can move around in a safer and more accessible environment. The new surfacing means our children can play out there as much as possible, without any safety concerns.” Little Lives UK are very proud to have supported Tree Tops and certainly hope the children enjoy using the new outdoor area. 

Wetpour Playground
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