London is a vibrant city with many opportunities and a strong sense of community. Despite this, many children are affected by poverty.

Little Lives UK is proud to be a London-based charity whose primary focus is children. We are passionate about providing support and opportunities to children who are disabled or disadvantaged.

September campaign

For September we are working with Queens Park Primary School.

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to give Queens Park Primary School 20 tablets and iPads. These devices will be set up at the school to aid the children in their studies. This will not only allow teachers to use interactive learning techniques. But also allow the students themselves to use the tablets for homework or further research while gaining essential technology skills.

In a world where the internet is so much a part of our lives, we recognise that giving these children the chance to use technology is imperative to further their learning.

Over the coming months, we will continue to work with Queens Park Primary school. Through this, we will be able to provide them with more resources thereby increasing the number of children and young people we are able to help in the community.

To hear a statement from Queen’s Park Primary to find out more about our campaign please check out our YouTube channel and blog posts.

Queens Park Primary School
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