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Ensemble Systems

A huge thank you to Ensemble Systems, who were generous enough to donate a number of laptops to Little Lives UK. Their valuable donation will massively help our campaign, where we donate items such as these to children and schools across London, who are in need of them.

Lending Works
Lending Works

A massive thank you to Landing Works for supporting our “Tablets and Devices for Children” campaign which will help local children and schools who are in desperate need of them

Finity Web

We were honoured by the Fenity Web to receive high-end articles as their contribution to our charity. Fenity Web is one of the top 10 companies out there offering unique high-quality content for very reasonable prices.

Riccardo, Eleni and Bookatable

We would like to say a big thank you to Riccardo, Eleni and Bookatable who have generously donated laptops. These Laptops have been donated to local children in need.

Andreea – TNS Makeup Artist

Andrea is a highly professional makeup artist from London. We are very lucky that she has contacted us and volunteered to join us at one of our children’s face painting parties. Thank You Andrea!

Lotta Salmi
Lotta Salmi

Lotta requires only one cup of coffee to create four very successful AdWords campaigns. We are here because of people like you Lotta. We wish everyone were like Lotta.


If you see some fancy pictures on our website, they are 99% likely to have come from this company. They generously offered us a free membership and we happily accepted it. We don’t want to advertise them just for that reason, but they definitely are the best in their industry.

peter f
Peter D

Peter was our number one in the beginning and helped us to be where we are now. Unfortunately we have lost contact with him, but we hope he is well and we miss him.

Peter worked exclusively with charities, eco-friendly / eco-conscious businesses and environmental organisations.

Thanks for everything Peter.

Mike English_Voice

Give Mike a file in terrible English and within a few hours he will send you back a corrected version, which sounds like British poetry. You can find him on Fiverr.


Claims.co.uk contacted us, as they wanted to help us with one of our first campaigns to help Lea to sit on her own.

And they did.

They fully financed it and thus Lea could go and get the therapy she needed.

Thank you claims.co.uk