Help Lea to sit on her own

leaWe would like you to support our new project, Help Lea To Sit On Her Own. Lea was born early at 30 weeks. After she was born, Lea had bleeding on her brain which meant that she didn’t have enough oxygen and this has affected her health.

From the beginning, Lea wasn’t able to develop as a healthy child, but her parents have not given up and have tried all sorts of therapies for her. They also perform daily exercises with her.

From 9 months, Lea had serious brain damage which has affected the use of her arms and legs. She also has epilepsy and sight difficulties.

Lea’s parents are now looking for £620 to pay for further physical therapy. Lea is now 5 years old and despite her condition she is a very smiley girl who is excited about life.

Her parents are hoping to use the money to send Lea to therapy so that she can move on her own and their dream is that she will then be able to sit on her own.

Please help us to make that dream come true.
10/07/2017 – Lea has now received the help she needed, thanks to who has fully supported her. Thank you!