Each one of our nation’s children deserves a strong, healthy start in life.
Your donations can make all the difference in giving them that support.
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Makaton Training Course

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We want all children to have the opportunity to access well resourced and integrated early education and childcare provision. All children should be able to enjoy their play and learning, grow up healthy and achieve to the best of their potential, wherever they live. Investment in workforce development is therefore vitally important. BAND are fully committed to enabling playworkers and early years practitioners to continue to develop their knowledge and skills to meet children’s unique needs, play and learning styles and to improve their work with parents, carers and the wider community.

To see Lucas walk

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Lucas’ parents started physical rehabilitation as soon as they could. He first started to reach out after toys. Now at 3 years old, with help, Lucas is able to stand up. But he needs 3 weeks of further rehabilitation, to get him on his feet. This will cost £875. His parents cannot afford his rehab as they have financial difficulties. We have decided to get involved and we believe that with your help, we will see Lucas on his feet one day very soon.

Help Lea to sit on her own

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Lea’s parents are now looking for £620 to pay for further physical therapy. Lea is now 5 years old and despite her condition she is a very smiley girl who is excited about life.

Her parents are hoping to use the money to send Lea to therapy so that she can move on her own and their dream is that she will then be able to sit on her own.

Please help us to make that dream come true.