To see Lucas walk

Lucas needs 3 weeks of further rehabilitation, to get him on his feet.
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We are currently looking to fund a project for little Lucas so he can go to rehab to learn to walk. Lucas was born premature.  He arrived 3 months early and he had to be resuscitated.  At birth, Lucas weighed only 1.5lb, and he couldn’t breathe on his own. Doctors needed to keep him on a ventilator. His mum Monica was only able to see him for the first time on the second day. She was told by the doctors to be prepared for anything.  Lucas’ complications included bleeding on his brain. Unfortunately, it wasn’t over yet for little Lucas. Soon doctors discovered that his bowels were blocked. His parents were told that their boy was dying. In a critical condition, Lucas underwent 6 hours of surgery to save his life.
Monica was only able to hold her baby for the first time when Lucas was 2 months old. Monica says it was the most beautiful moment of her life even though he was connected to many life support machines. After further complications and operations, and 11 months in hospital, little Lucas was finally allowed home.
Lucas’ parents started physical rehabilitation as soon as they could. He first started to reach out after toys. Now at 3 years old, with help, Lucas is able to stand up. But he needs 3 weeks of further rehabilitation, to get him on his feet. This will cost £875. His parents cannot afford his rehab as they have financial difficulties. We have decided to get involved and we believe that with your help, we will see Lucas on his feet one day very soon.