Charity Shop London

Recently found unneeded clothes in your wardrobe? Don’t throw them out, pass them onto a charity shop in London! Here at Little Lives UK, we operate two charity shops in Tooting Broadway and Raynes Park, both of which are open 7 days a week. This is just one of the ways that we look to support the various charities and organisations that we work with, so please get in contact with our team to confer about all of the ways you can help.

Child poverty is one of the most recognised, but underfunded issues occurring in the UK, with London being one of the most affected areas. Our aim at Little Lives UK is to identify and reach out to children who are disadvantaged, which is why we look to provide the support to encourage the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence to participate with the community and reach out for assistance. Often we will focus our attention towards a particular campaign or project through the course of a couple of months, so be sure to visit our campaigns page to read what operation we are currently assisting with.

Charity shops in London are a great approach in order to raise money for these organisations, but also to donate useful goods that others will benefit from them. Within both of our stores, we sell a range of adult and children clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, toys, books and other items that can be sold to raise money for our campaigns. If you are unable to make it to one of our shops to donate, our team operates a weekly collection service throughout most of London, where we will be able to collect your unwanted clothes, electronic devices and books.  

Why not take part yourself? Everyone is welcome to work within our charity shops in London, where we have multiple positions available including volunteering opportunities, work experience, internships and work placements. During your time with us, you will be able to work within our store to assist customers, get involved with a campaign and overall make a huge difference with the lives of children who are in need.
If you would like to find out additional information about our charity shops in London, please get in contact with a member of Little Lives UK today. We are available to call on 020 7884 0900, where we will be more than happy to address any concerns or questions you currently have. Alternatively, customers are welcome to email us at [email protected], where we aim to reply within a single working day.