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Free charity collection London

Donate and recycle your old clothes

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Fast and free charity collection.
Instant online booking.

Save a trip to the charity shop or clothing bank. Let us collect your unwanted items from the comfort of your home or workplace. Our charity receives 100% of your donations, which are then passed on, sold, or recycled to benefit disadvantaged and disabled children.

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We collect:

Adults’ and children’s clothes
Shoes, handbags and jewellery
Household items, linen, towels and curtains
Books, CDs, vinyl records
Collectables, paintings and pictures
Electrical items (e.g. lamp, hairdryer, iron)
Electronics (e.g. laptop, mobile phone)

Enter your London postcode to book a collection

For any queries please call 020 7871 3059, or

3 Great reasons to recycle your old clothes

those in need

Clothes donations

Donating clothes can provide essential relief to individuals and families who may not have the financial means to purchase new apparel. Our charity distributes these donations directly to those in need or sells them in charity shops to raise funds for our programs. This ensures that your clothing helps people who require support with basic necessities.


Charity clothes recycling

By donating your clothes, you are helping to reduce waste and the environmental impact associated with producing new garments. The fashion industry is a major contributor to pollution and resource consumption; by recycling and reusing clothing, we can cut down on waste and decrease the demand for new resources.

your home

Declutters your home

Donating clothes is an excellent way to declutter your home and make space. It provides a practical solution for managing excess items and can lead to a more organized living environment. The psychological benefits of decluttering are well-documented, including reduced stress and increased mental clarity.


What if I know I won’t be home?

If possible, please leave the donation outside for the driver to collect at any time. It would be preferable if it’s hidden from the road. Please include a note in the ‘Driver Instructions’ column indicating where the donation can be found.

What time will the driver collect from me?

We offer our collection service between 8 am and 3 pm. If you would like a more precise time, please leave a note in the ‘Driver Instructions’ column requesting the driver to call you on that day.

Where do my donations go?

Our charity receives 100% of your donations, meaning donated items go directly to families and children in need. Additionally, we regularly distribute items donated to us, such as clothes and toys, to local councils and schools to support children. A portion of the donations is also sold in our charity shops, and the funds raised are used for our charity campaigns.

Can I drop off donation to your charity shops?

Yes, you can. We have three charity shops in London: Raynes Park, Tooting Broadway, and Fulham Broadway. They will be more than happy to receive any donations you would like to bring.

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Very good service.
Excellent, friendly and helpful collection.
Tony, who collected my donations, was genuinely pleasant and respectful. He came promptly on time and followed the instructions i left for the collection.
Great way to donate your old TV. Easy, clear and friendly.