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Ideas and activities on how to raise money
at your school for children in the UK

How your school fundraiser will make
a difference to children’s lives

Across the UK there are thousands of children who are living with disabilities, face exclusion, are abused or are from disadvantaged backgrounds who don’t have access to the services, education, activities or support they need to lead happy and healthy childhoods.

We at Little Lives UK work tirelessly to ensure that the children around the UK who are facing exclusion from society are given the opportunities that all children deserve.

Organising a school fundraising event is a great way to raise money for a good cause at the same time as having fun and doing something new at your school. We are here to support any fundraising you do for us and to ensure that all of your donations are used to benefit the lives of children.

How to set up a school fundraiser with us

Read about our community, technology and mental health campaigns and select the campaign you would like to fundraise for. Or, if you would prefer for your donation to go towards the charity as a whole, please let us know.
Think of a fundraising idea and a plan on how to do it. You can find some great school fundraising ideas on this page. We are also always happy to help you plan your fundraiser. Just give us a call!
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let us know about your fundraiser and what campaign you would like to raise money for. Hit send and we will get back to you with your confirmation and all the details you will need.
It is now time for your fundraiser. Happy fundraising!

Your fundraiser benefits campaigns that help children in the UK

Your school fundraiser can support one of our campaigns or our charity as a whole. From every £1 of your fundraiser donations, 68p will be used on our campaigns and will directly benefit children in need around the UK.

Mental health support

Waiting times for referrals to see mental health professionals have increased dramatically. Through our Someone To Talk To campaign, we work with mental health professionals and support giving organisations to ensure children receive free professional mental health support. We help children in need gain access to services such as counselling sessions and therapy.

Technology support

Technology is vital in every aspect of the modern world and none more so than in education. There are thousands of children around the UK who don’t have access to the technology needed to complete their schoolwork. Our Technology Programme collects unwanted electronics and donates them to schools, councils and other organisations who work with children that need them the most.

Community support

Thousands of children in the UK are at risk of being excluded from society because they come from disadvantaged backgrounds or are living with disabilities. To ensure every child has a happy and healthy childhood, our Children’s Community Support Programme funds and provides free activities, lessons, classes and support networks that directly benefit the lives of children who need it most.

School fundraising ideas

Bake sale

One of the best ways to raise money is to throw a good old fashioned bake sale at your school. Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions are perfect times to do this. Show off your baking skills and raise some money for charity.

Sports day

Every school across the UK has done a sports day before, but this time do it with a difference. Even asking for 20p – 50p as a participation fee for those who want to donate can raise a lot of money for charity in a school.

Sponsored activity

Walking, swimming, cycling… You can challenge your pupils and students with a sponsored sporting activity of any kind. A very popular idea is a parents versus kids football match, and of course we are always cheering for the kids!

Christmas jumper day

Who’s got the most festive Christmas jumper? Or, who has the worst Christmas jumper? That is usually a lot more fun! Organising a Christmas jumper day is a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and raise money for charity.


Is your school organising an open mic night,  play or talent competition? Asking for a small donation from parents to enter is always a great way to collect money for a good cause.

Quiz night

Can the students beat the parents in a quiz? This is a fun challenge for kids and parents to do together. Quizzes are easy to set up, so get involved in an online or in person quiz at your school and show off your obscure collection of facts.
Do you have any other fundraising ideas? We’d love to hear them.
Contact us today!

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