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Recycle and donate your old phone or tablet to charity

You can make a real difference in a child’s life

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Donate phones or tablets in any condition

Do you have an old phone or tablet lying around the house? Want to put it to good use?
All the devices we receive from our donors have a direct impact on children around the UK.

The majority of the electronic devices we receive at Little Lives UK go directly towards helping many children and families through our Technology Programme. We work with a number of schools, councils and refugee centres, regularly supplying them with these items, which they offer on to children who need them. This allows us to reach a vast amount of families, supplying them with devices that we hope will make a huge difference to their everyday lives.

How can I donate my old phone or tablet?

Send your old mobile phone or tablet free of charge.

n1 Reset the phone to factory settings to make sure that any accounts are removed (such as iCloud or Google Find My Device)

Pack the phone carefully with bubble wrap or newspaper

n3Download and print our prepaid Royal Mail shipping label and post the envelope or parcel (of any size or weight) from your local Post Office

Your phone and tablet donations directly support our Technology Programme

Our Technology Programme aims to end technology poverty and support children with devices to help them succeed in their education. So far we have helped over 700 children with the technology they need. Your donations also raises money to support our Children’s Community Support Programme which provides monthly activities, classes and sessions around the UK.

Find out more about where your donations go

Do you have other electronics you would like to donate? Try our free London collection service.

Our free electronics collection service is available in the London area. Book a free collection of your unwanted computers, laptops, TVs and more. Your contribution will directly help children in need. 

Donate phone or tablet to charity