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Donate your old phone or tablet to charity

Help us fund our campaigns and make a real difference

donate phone to charity

We all have an old smartphone or tablet lying around the house. If you want to put yours to good use, then consider donating it to Little Lives UK. It won’t cost you a penny, and we turn every mobile phone and tablet that we recycle into cash that can be used to help us make a real difference in the community.

How can I donate my old phone or tablet? 

You can send in your old mobile phone or tablet free of charge. Please make sure that you reset the phone to factory settings, remove any cloud-based protection (such as iCloud or Google Find My Device) and package the phone carefully with newspaper or bubble wrap.

Simply download and print our prepaid Royal Mail shipping label and post the letter or parcel (of any size or weight) from your local post office.

Gift Aid it

You can also sign up for Gift Aid today so that Little Lives UK can claim an extra 25% on your donations from HMRC, at no extra cost to you!

What will you do with my phone or tablet?

When you send in your old mobile phone, we’ll give it a check to see whether or not it can be refurbished. If it can, your phone will be repackaged and sold on. If it can’t, we’ll pass on your device to a recycling company, who will dismantle your phone in a safe and environmentally friendly way, and reuse parts in the mobile phone industry. Money raised from every phone helps us achieve our objective of supporting disabled and disadvantaged children.