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Leave a gift in your will

Help shape the futures of children all around UK,
by ensuring that they can have a better future.

Why include Little Lives UK in your will?

Children across the UK face enormous challenges that no child should have to deal with. This is particularly the case for disadvantaged and disabled children. You can help them reach their full potential by leaving a gift to Little Lives UK.  If you choose to leave Little Lives UK a gift in your will, you are choosing to leave the perfect gift for many children, a bright future. Gifts in wills are fundamental for charities in the work they do, and we are no exception, as ultimately your decision could be life-changing for many children.

By leaving a gift to Little Lives UK, you are ensuring that our work with the younger generation can continue and allowing us to support vulnerable children for many years to come. We can provide much-needed stability to their lives that will see them prosper in the long-term. We want to see children live care-free childhoods through their full and active participation in all aspects of life.

Happy father and son playing -  leaving any gift in a will helps to make a difference

What kind of gift can I leave?

You can choose any gift or any amount to be left. Even the smallest amount can make a big difference to a child’s life. There are three types of gifts:

  • Pecuniary legacies – leaving a specific sum to a charity
  • Residual legacies – leaving a percent of your estate to charity
  • Gifts – leaving specific gifts, such as jewellery or shares

How to leave a gift in your will?

Download our
information booklet about
leaving a gift

Make a note of our
charity details

Contact a will writer or

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Download our guide on how you can leave children the gift of a brighter future

Click to download our free information booklet to find out more about gift giving and what the donation will fund.

How will we use your gift?

When writing your will, you are presented with the opportunity to show support for young people who are in need. Your decision to leave a gift to Little Lives UK, no matter the size, is a brilliant way to support a cause you care about and make a lasting difference. It may be that you experienced a challenging upbringing like so many children we support and want to help make an impact through your will or you may feel passionately about the work we do. Whatever the reason, leaving a gift in your will is a great way to help the future generations.

We are very proud to be a community-centred charity that aims to support children’s groups. Through our ‘Children’s Community Support Programme’ we are allowing children around the UK to grow in confidence and become a bigger part of their communities. Your gift will directly help fund our continuous programmes to relieve child poverty and increase vulnerable children’s chances of a healthy and happy life.

How your gift in a will benefits children

Children’s Community Support Programme

Children across the UK are at risk of being excluded from society. Children living with disabilities and those from a disadvantaged background are in need of free activities, sessions and classes to ensure a safe, healthy and happy childhood. Our Children’s Community Support campaign funds a wide range of activities that cater to children’s needs. The activities we fund for the children are free for them to use and can include dance classes, acting classes, art sessions, sports sessions and days out.

The sessions that we fund are run by our community partners and organisations who work at a grass roots level and have a real understanding of what children in their local community need.

‘Someone To Talk To’ mental health project

Our ‘Someone To Talk To’ project will bring essential mental health services to children who are most in need. We’re funding free therapy sessions for children who are struggling with their mental health and cannot wait on long NHS waiting lists or afford private therapy themselves.
Investing in the mental health of children and young people is key as half of all adult mental illness starts before a child reaches the age of 14, and 75% of lifetime mental health disorders have their first onset before 18 years of age.

By building strong mental foundations and coping mechanisms in youth, children and young people, outcomes are greatly improved. It’s vital that we help our children’s mental health now.

Three reasons to leave a gift in a will

  1. You are leaving a legacy for future generations that could help them live a happy life
  2. You will show your appreciation and help the charity of your choice to continue their good work
  3. Any gift left to a charity in a will is exempt from inheritance tax and the inheritance tax rate on the remaining estate falls from 40% to 36% if at least 10% of an estate is left to a charity
A kid playing with toys - leaving a gift in a will ensures happy life for those who need it


  • Charities often benefit from gifts left in wills in order to continue their crucial work for future generations. Gifts left to us can help us organise numerous projects that will greatly benefit many children.

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