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Children's Community Support Programme See how we've supported local organisations in the vital
work they do helping children in our community

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Family Support Coordinator for Home-Start Elmbridge January 2022

Home-Start Elmbridge

Home-Start Elmbridge have been working in Elmbridge since April 2019 and have helped and supported over 100 families, over 230 children and over 40 volunteers to create happier and healthier futures.

This is done by supporting families and children in their homes with practical and emotional support and by the use of Family Support Coordinators that regularly go to family homes to offer their support and to provide advice to the volunteers who carry out such great work with children of the area.

We are pleased to announce a donation of £1,500 to Home-Start Elmbridge to help to fund a Family Support Coordinator to visit the families in the community who are most in need. The FSC will go to homes in the community to encourage parents to engage with their children in a more effective manner and to help families and the children in the families with their confidence and self-esteem. They also teach the families new ways of engagement and ways to support each other. The FSCs will visit the families at least every six weeks but more often than not, communication is much more regular. This service is a much needed one all over the UK and we are proud to be supporting Home-Start Elmbridge.

Basildon Parents4Parents January 2022

Basildon Parents4Parents

Basildon Parents4Parents are a charity that aim to enhance the development and education of children in the Basildon area by providing accessible support to both the parents and children. The aim of the charity is to help parents engage with their children in an effective manner.

Little Lives UK are delighted to be supporting Basildon Parents4Parents with their latest project, Conn-x. We have donated £1,328 towards the project that hopes to further self-esteem of children who are diagnosed with ADHD/ASD, have a social communication disorder or who may be socially anxious. The children who will be benefitting from this project also struggle with mainstream school setting, so the safe environment provided give the children a chance to explore social interactions that they may not always get within their schools.

The aim for the project is to naturally help children try new things at their own pace whilst inspiring them and helping them with techniques to deal with their anxiety.

We are so proud to be supporting such a great charity carry out such vital work for children in Basildon who are in need. The techniques taught by Basildon Parents4Parents are vital for helping children with ADHD in the area.

Toys and Donation to Ashley’s Birthday Bank December 2021

Donation to Ashley’s Birthday Bank

Ashley’s Birthday Bank was set up in 2014 to ensure that all children will receive a birthday and Christmas present each year up to the age of 16 if their family cannot afford one or if the child is living in a situation where they won’t receive one. They also help provide vital services to children who are the victim of exploitation, abuse, human-trafficking, neglect and domestic violence in and around the BCP area (Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole).

This Christmas, ABB has been selected by the Christchurch Rotary Club to be honoured at a local charity ’Living Advent’ service on Christmas Eve and to be the recipient of a £500 donation. Each charity selected are honoured with a live performance ranging from musicians, dance groups and comedians.

Little Lives UK are pleased to have donated the £500 to Ashley’s Birthday Bank and passed along a box of toys that were very kindly donated from a company in London.

ABB carry out vital work in ensuring that the children who need help get it, they also do an amazing job in making all children feel special and wanted at the time of year that is enjoyed by so many around the UK.

Sport Facility for BLISS=Ability December 2021

Sport Facility for BLISS=Ability

Bliss Ability based in South Tyneside have been working hard within their community to provide support, attention and activities to children of the local area. The area they are based in is categorised in the top 15 most deprived wards of South Tyneside.

The urban area has a lot of families who have disabled children or children with learning difficulties and they struggle to find activities nearby that cater for their children, so BLISS=Ability are going to be hiring a facility where the children can go to play, integrate with others their age and be part of the community again.

Little Lives UK is delighted to have donated £1,098 to this cause so that children can attend the sports facility for an hour a week for a whole year where they can participate in sports such as cricket, football, beanbag throwing, badminton and hockey. The facility will act as a community hub, where the children of the area and their families can come together to play and integrate.

BLISS=Ability do some amazing work in South Tyneside and Little Lives UK is proud to be supporting them and trying to make a difference in some of the areas most deprived areas.

Building a Sensory Room at Branksome Community Centre December 2021

Building a Sensory Room at Branksome Community Centre

Christmas is the busiest time of year for children’s charities and is the time of year where their hard work can really be seen clearer and see the impact the year-round dedication has on children in need. From present donations to building help, art movements to fundraising events, the Christmas period is always frenzied for which we are glad for.

Recently we have started working with Dorset Children’s Foundation, on a local project at the Branksome Community Centre to build a sensory room for local children to use. Little Lives UK have donated money towards buying a new Sensory Pod for use at the centre. The pod will provide a safe space within the sensory room for children with complex behavioural and mental needs to relax and unwind. Sensory rooms are such an important and vital tool for any community centre to have when it comes to looking after children with challenging behaviour, it not only provides a safe space for the children but also offers the parents a much-needed respite.

Both Little Lives UK and the Dorset Children’s Foundation have also announced their continuing support in helping to source other materials for the Branksome Community Centre sensory room. This includes soft play equipment, a parachute to produce different coloured lighting in the whole room, different light bulbs to change the atmosphere and even the possibility of getting some volunteers to help paint the room.

Acting sessions at the Polka Children’s Theatre November 2021

The Polka Children’s Theatre

Little Lives UK are pleased to announce a donation of £1,500 to the Polka Children’s Theatre in Wimbledon so they can start to run a series of after-school, half term and summer weeks sessions where participants can produce and perform their own play whilst working with the amazing team at the theatre.

The Polka Children’s theatre has been running has been running for several decades to provide theatre to young people in London and provide an area for your people to relax and escape into the world of acting.

The sessions being funded by Little Lives UK will help to pay for practitioners and specialist staff to provide sessions that are suited for the children who are referred to the theatre by schools. The sessions are for children who are at risk of social exclusion because of their home circumstances, behavioural issues at school or having cultural barriers if they have just arrived in the country.

The sessions will be provided for fifteen children and will enable them to develop communication skills, socialise with others, work on their team skills, realise their potential and learn dramatic skills in a safe and fun environment. The children will also feel a sense of achievement after completing their performance at the same time as improving their self-confidence, self-esteem, conflict resolution and verbal communication.Amazing work being carried out by the Polka Children’s Theatre that Little Lives UK is so proud to support.

Aidexcel - Supporting parents, to support children September 2021

Aidexcel - Supporting parents, to support children

Based in Barnet in North London, Aidexcel have been working to support services to their local community. Their focus is supporting parents and carers with children ages 0-25 who have mental, physical or sensory disabilities. Young people living with difficulties face a huge number of challenges, such as processing sensory information and can make seemingly ordinary situations feel overwhelming

Little Lives UK is proud to have supported Aidexcel with funding for 10–16-year-olds Fencing Lessons. The project will support seven disadvantaged young people with challenging behaviours. The aim from the sessions, delivered by Fighting Fit Fencing, will be to help to improve the participant’s physical fitness and body awareness through fun. All of the skills learned through this project can be transferred into everyday skills.

Loneliness from the lockdowns, resulting in a lack of confidence, have been reported by Aidexcel, this has a knock effect on to young people’s self-esteem and idea of self-worth. With projects like this, young people can build their self-confidence again.

Along with the fencing classes, Aidexcel have been vital in supporting parents through the lockdowns who have struggled with the ever-changing situation for their children and the lack of other much needed social services.

Holborn Community Association – Under 5’s Activities September 2021

Holborn Community Association

Little Lives UK are pleased to announce a donation to the Holborn Community Association which helped to fund Under 5’s activity days. 

The HCA support individuals from within Holborn and aim to create a strong, varied and vibrant community. This is done by giving individuals the opportunities to learn new skills, bringing people together to have fun and to build relationships. Four main areas are covered; Arts, Movement, Care and Play. 

The under 5’s Play sessions have been vital in bringing families and young people together, whilst running holiday activities for children at outdoor venues, the HCA have given the opportunity to explore local environments through play and art. Their projects Arts for Children and Young People, Arts Outreach and Arts for Well-Being, have an emphasis on improving the mental wellbeing of children.

In August, the HCA ran 10 days of Under 5’s Activities. The aim is to improve the confidence and motor skills of children. Hoping they will be more interested in trying new activities. Through the activities put on, the children can build social skills and develop friendships, or make new friends within their community, this will lead to better networks and the confidence to attend further projects.

London Basketball Association August 2021

Established in 2012, the London Basketball Association strives to benefit young people through their ethos of engagement and prevention and addressing specific issues young people face that can result in compounded difficulties in their adult lives if not addressed.

The donation from Little Lives UK has helped to contribute towards a twelve-month long project called BOOST (Basketball for Outstanding Opportunities, Skills and Training). This project has a multi-dimensional approach which concentrates on mentoring, development and a training programme which incorporates Basketball into improving mental wellbeing, engaging with peers and staying active.

The London Basketball Association helps young people mainly from the areas of Lambeth, Brent and Westminster but also cover the whole of London. A lot of the participants are from the BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) and young NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Schemes like this are so important as research conducted by the London Basketball Association found that 78% of the young people that they support are on the margins of crime and gangs, at risk of engaging in crime and anti-social behaviour. The project provides an outlet that helps occupy young people instead of them bowing to the peer pressure to join gangs and gain the so-called respect from what is perceived to come from it.

Therapy 4 Healing August 2021

Therapy 4 Healing

Therapy 4 Healing are a project who help young disabled people who have a physical or cognitive difference, they help to improve physical and mental health with therapy through 1-2-1 and group sessions.

Those who often live isolated lives and are suffering from long-term or chronic physical or mental health difficulties are helped through sessions that include relaxation, managing anxiety, pain management and therapeutic techniques. And, with help from partnerships with food projects, T4H have been able to support those who have become further isolated by COVID 19.

Because of the COVID Lockdown, T4H haven’t been able to see their regular beneficiaries or accept any new ones, but with help from Little Lives UK, twenty-four 1-2-1 therapy sessions for young disabled people could take place at T4H’s inviting centre in Lewisham. The non-exclusive therapy sessions within the project include massage, stretching, pain management and anxiety management with the goal of reducing stress, physical pain, anxiety and giving the beneficiary the relief from isolation that they may have been feeling throughout the pandemic.

T4H offer a safe and non-exploitive touch for the beneficiaries through their therapy sessions that can help to alleviate the stresses and feeling of isolation that has occurred during the lockdown period.

Magpie Dance August 2021

Magpie Dance

Little Lives UK are pleased to announce a donation to Magpie Dance in Bromley. Here, young people with learning difficulties, who are often excluded from some aspects of society can learn about being themselves fully and discover their social and artistic potential through dance.
For 36 years Magpie Dance has helped the young people of Bromley improve their confidence, social skills, independence and physical and mental health.

40% of people living with learning disabilities experience mental health problems at any point (compared to 17% of general UK population), made worst by some living in challenging family environments, experiencing discrimination and having fewer friends. There is a chance those with difficulties will live a more sedentary lifestyle, with over 80% participating in levels of physical activity below the Department of Health recommended level.

With help from the donation which has been used towards a lead and assistant dance assistant and musician, the Magpie Dance Summer School has given young people with learning difficulties the first opportunity since the March 2020 COVID Lockdown a chance to dance together in person and participate in much needed physical activity. Because those with learning and physical difficulties have been deemed the most ‘at risk’ during the pandemic, classes had been moved online, but with some participants wary and unable to participate at home, the summer school has given these individuals a great opportunity to once again dance and have fun with others.

Lewisham Youth Theatre July 2021

The Lewisham Youth Theatre, since opening in 1987 have provided the opportunity for you people from Lewisham aged between 3 and 24 to build skills, their ambition and resilience to achieve their potential through free of charge drama, performance and technical theatre activities.

Little Lives UK are pleased to announce that through their donation, an age 8-11 drama workshop called ‘Stories from the Playground’ could take place and offer the young people of Lewisham an opportunity to shine instead of being the background of society. The majority of the participants came from the South Lewisham area which has been described historically as lacking in artistic activities. Along with this, 76% of the last years participants where part of groups that suffered from mental health problems, poverty and family disruption.

‘Stories from the Playground’ are a set of dramatic scenarios which had been devised by the participants about returning to school during COVID and about mental health issues, the loss of friendships, bullying and the resilience to bullying and day to day challenges, and family breakdowns. Through the activities, the participants gained valuable skills such as positive decision making, social skills and the ability to form positive relationships within their peer group.

The Triangle Adventure Playground July 2021

The Triangle Adventure Playground

Little Lives UK are delighted to have donated to The Triangle Adventure Playground and towards their Summer Holiday Playscheme. Opening in 1957, the work that The Triangle Playground do in the Lambeth borough throughout the year is inspiring and vital in helping to improve young people’s physical, mental and emotional health. This is achieved using sports, board games, construction projects, fantasy play, a multitude of objects for den building, group games, arts & crafts, Nature Club, cookery, and family activity sessions.

The donation made by Little Lives UK helped towards sports equipment, two group leaders and 156 Hours of play over 26 days during the summer holiday which helped to provide an outlet for young people in the area and has given the children a chance to do things that they often can’t do at home.
A range of sports, including volleyball, rugby, football, boules and cricket which is offered at the scheme, has given the children an opportunity to engage in the scheme’s child led ethos and explore things that they may never have the opportunity to do at home.

The children that are benefitting from the scheme are part of the eighth most deprived borough in London and part of the 36% of the areas children that live in low-income households.

Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre Jun 2021

Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre

As a charity, we know how much the pandemic has affected many tremendous organisations with the work they do helping young children. After getting in touch with Little Lives UK, we were in no doubt that it would be worthwhile for us to offer some support to Tiny Tim’s Children Centre, with a donation of £2,000, which will fund 40 therapy sessions for their children. Tiny Tim’s Children Centre offer free complementary therapy treatments to children with disabilities. They predominantly focus on providing treatments that are not available to the children from the NHS or affordable to low-income families. As a result of Covid-19 restrictions, they were unable to provide as many therapy sessions as they ideally would have, but still managed to provide 1,400 therapy sessions and 330 free therapeutic play sessions. However, the costs for providing each session has almost doubled during the last year, highlighting how important it has become that they receive support. They are more dependant than ever on the kindness of others and are relying on charities such as ourselves to support them. Little Lives UK would like to wish them all the success for the future and hope they can continue the fantastic work they do.

Barking & Dagenham Youth Dance Jun 2021

Little Lives UK were delighted to make a donation to Barking & Dagenham Youth Dance towards their Street Dance Fitness Project. We were inspired by the work they have done in their community, benefitting over 40,000 young people since they established in 2003. They are a grassroots charity who make positive changes to the Barking community by offering young people the opportunity to access high quality sports and fitness-based projects. The purpose of their organisation is to improve cohesion in their community, encouraging young people to take up activities that will keep them away from crime and drug involvement.

The sessions that we made the donation towards enable the young people to build their confidence and self-esteem. The sessions grant them the opportunity to have a positive routine to their weekend in being involved in a worthwhile programme that they can consistently attend. The ultimate aim is to prevent the young people from getting bored and becoming involved in criminal activity. 29% of the children in B&D are from low-income families, so the project will mainly cater for them. These children are most at risk from social exclusion and developing mental health problems, so to have this opportunity is so important for their well-being.

Sonshine Club Jun 2021

Sonshine Club supports disadvantaged children, aged 8-13, who have a range of difficulties including ASD, ADHD, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy and other invisible disabilities. Many of the children come from large families, living in small apartments and are on a low income. They regularly support over 40 children through a range of innovative after-school programmes they organise, which are designed to encourage physical activity and healthy living, whilst additionally building self-esteem. The work Sonshine Club does, hugely helps the children in their community develop both physically and emotionally, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Sonshine club organise popular football sessions as part of their programme. Every week, they have two groups of roughly 15 children each who come and take part in the sessions, under the adjudication of two experienced coaches. Over time, the coaches have certainly noticed increased independence and resilience amongst the children, whilst establishing new friendships. Not only that, but the children too have made great progress in their playing skills, health and wellbeing. The donation from Little Lives UK is vital in guaranteeing that throughout the summer months the children can continue to meet every Friday and play safely, have fun and achieve new goals, while learning from the experienced coaches.

Strength and Learning Through Horses May 2021

Strength and Learning Through Horses offer a short six-week programme, with the ultimate goal being to help improve the mental health of many youngsters who have been affected by lockdown.

They provide equine therapy and equine assisted learning to vulnerable youngsters from all across London, who work in small groups with the horses, learning how to take care of them. The sessions hugely help the young people learn valuable life skills such as teamwork and leadership skills whilst benefitting from increased confidence, resilience and new friendships.

Our funding to Strength and Learning Through Horses is going towards the costs of managing the stable. The horses are central to their work, so it is vitally important to ensure that they are well looked after, making our donation all the more vital.

CASPA May 2021


Little Lives UK are proud to be supporting ‘Children on the Autistic Spectrum Parents Association’ with their project, ‘CASPA Inters’. CASPA established themselves as they felt there has traditionally been a lack of specialist provision for this group of disabled children. However, CASPA are well placed to meet the needs of these children & families due to their experience and understanding of what they require. Their vision is to enable children with Autism and social & communication disabilities to be inspired, become more independent, and to be properly integrated into society.

Through the sessions they provide, CASPA is allowing the children and young people in their community to access high quality opportunities, permitting them to have fun whilst also developing their skills and self-confidence, as any other child should.  The project is focusing on children aged 9-13 and will be once a week for 2 hours during term time. The children take part in activities that facilitate their development in different ways, whether this be through board games or physical games, they learn important social and communication skills. Other activities that the children enjoy includes drama, music, table tennis, Lego, puzzles and trampolining, all of which are very beneficial for the children in making friends and learning new skills.

Music Marvels April 2021

Music Marvels

We’re delighted to announce our donation to The London Reading Centre’s project ‘Music Marvels’ as part of our April campaign.

Their project, ‘Music Marvels’ is part of their after-school sessions where young people in their community are taught how to play a variety of instruments in a safe environment. The sessions offer them the opportunity to interact with positive role models they can relate to, providing them with a fresh perspective outside of their home life. They will have experienced staff running the sessions, to whom they can confide and develop a mentor relationship. The money donated by Little Lives UK is being used to purchase new musical equipment, whilst also allowing the young people to be continuously trained by an experienced and professional music instructor.

Taking part in recreational activities are an effective way for young people to overcome their mental health issues. Learning new skills, such as a musical instrument, and interacting with positive role models will certainly help these young people.

Donation of 497 electronic devices January - March 2021

Donation of 497 electronic devices

It has been a challenging start to 2021 so far for Little Lives UK. Being in lockdown for just over three months has resulted in our stores being shut, and our projects being put on hold. Along with many other organisations, we have not been able to operate in the manner we would like. However, as a charity, we were determined to help many children through the struggles of lockdown, whilst also planning ahead towards the rest of the year. 

As schools were forced to close, children and young people began to study at home. For many children though, this would not be possible, due to a lack of resources available to them. Little Lives UK was overwhelmed with the amount of donations we received, enabling us to pass on nearly 500 devices over this time period. Our donations to schools, councils and other charities, meant that hundreds of children and families benefitted. Through the electronic items we donated, they were able to access much needed information online, hugely helping with their education, guaranteeing that it was not negatively impacted because of lockdown.

Tree Tops resurfacing works December 2020

Tree tops resurfacing works

For our December campaign, Little Lives UK decided to fund resurfacing works in the outdoor area of Tree Tops Short Break Unit, which is our biggest donation to date. Tree Tops provides children with disabilities, aged 5-18, with a welcoming and friendly environment that they can treat as home. After visiting their exceptional facility and hearing about the inspiring work they do for disabled and disadvantaged children in the Dartford community, the charity was in no doubt that we wanted to help, through our funding for work to be completed.

The outdoor area of Tree Tops, that the children frequently use and enjoy, needed maintenance work to be done, in order to make it more suitable for the children, who would then be able to play much more freely. They have roughly 50 children that use their facility and want to provide a positive experience for all these children, to make sure they always have fun and have a better-quality life as they grow up. Little Lives UK shares their beliefs in wanting to help young children with learning difficulties, so the decision to fund their new outdoor area was an easy decision.

Feltham Community Boxing Club November 2020

Feltham Community Boxing Club

In November last year, Little Lives UK agreed to help Feltham Community Boxing Club, by offering a donation that would see us pay a year’s rent for them. We are pleased to announce that for a second year, we are going to continue supporting the club, particularly given the challenging times many organisations are facing. We want to guarantee that Chris and his amazing team can continue to run weekly sessions for many local young people in the Feltham Community. As a result of Covid-19, the number of attendees had to be reduced, but we hope our funding will help Chris and his team to gain new equipment that will help with social distancing in order for the club to continue operating. 

Little Lives UK initially funded Feltham Community Boxing Club to inspire more children in the community to stay out of trouble and learn more about the sport through Chris and his team. 

Our technology donations to those in need October 2020

School Teacher Teaching Students Learning Concept

As part of our continuous campaign, Little Lives UK has donated over 200 technological items over the last 3 months, to schools, refugee centres and councils across London. We are thrilled that we have managed to donate this many items to those in need, all thanks to your generous donations. We feel very proud to have helped this many children through these donations, which we hope will hugely help with their education in these challenging times. Particularly with the uncertainty surrounding education at the moment, as a charity we felt it was only right that many underprivileged children receive support with their learning. 

These items will definitely assist these children, as they now will be able to access a range of online resources that will boost their learning. In having access to these items, we hope the children can engage with their learning online on a more frequent basis. As a result, the teachers could potentially plan a broader range of more beneficial learning tasks online. This will certainly help the children, as teachers can design new innovative lessons and learning opportunities that they would previously have been unable to do. These items will enable children to engage in exciting new learning methods. 

We hope that the donations to these schools and refugee centres will not solely help with their education, as we additionally want families to also enjoy using these items. From what we understand, one school to which we donated 40 items, will not use them in the classrooms but will, instead, allow them to go to the homes of families who are most in need. There were a number of families who were unable to access any remote learning, as their children did not have a device to use. Presenting these technological items to those in need is something we are so proud to have been able to achieve. 

Working with Queens Park Primary School September 2020


We are pleased to announce that we have been able to give Queens Park Primary School 20 tablets and iPads. These devices will be set up at the school to aid the children in their studies. This will not only allow teachers to use interactive learning techniques. But also allow the students themselves to use the tablets for homework or further research while gaining essential technology skills.

In a world where the internet is so much a part of our lives, we recognise that giving these children the chance to use technology is imperative to further their learning.

Over the coming months, we will continue to work with Queens Park Primary school. Through this, we will be able to provide them with more resources thereby increasing the number of children and young people we are able to help in the community.

Uptown Youth Group August 2020

Uptown Youth Group Donation Wish List

We have recently started working with Uptown Youth Group, a youth centre based in Colliers Wood that organises and runs activities for young people to take part in. Uptown encourages young members of the community that struggle with learning difficulties to attend these activities as they look to improve their social skills and gain more confidence. We are very proud to be able to assist Uptown Youth Group with a donation of £5,000, which will help go towards the running of the youth centre, along with new resources that will continue to provide the young members with fun and educational experiences at Uptown. 

Through this donation we are able to aid a number of young people in London who need help and support, something we are always very proud to be able to do. Uptown Youth centre is one of many youth centres across London to be affected as a result of covid-19, highlighting how vital it is for extra funding to help support the work they do towards helping young members in the Merton community. 

It is worth mentioning a huge thank you to Uptown Youth Group for the amazing work they do in the Merton community. The Little Lives UK charity feels very privileged to be able to support and hopes our donation will aid in improving the lives of many young members of this community.

Tablets and devices for children Jun - July 2020

Tablets and Devices for Children

During lockdown we have been working on helping many underprivileged children to ensure that their education did not suffer due to Coronavirus. Our aim was to provide as many children as we could with devices so that they could access necessary school resources.

We were able to achieve this through working with of Wandsworth and Richmond Council and we are currently in the process of working with other London councils to continue to distribute these devices. Of course, this will also mean that we are able to help many more children which as a charity we are so pleased to do. Without our hard-working volunteers who carried on during the lockdown to help achieve our mission this would not be possible.

A huge thank you goes out to them as none of our work would be possible without them. Finally, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have donated and continue to donate devices to us.

Vital donation of PPE to our local care homes May 2020

Vital donation of PPE to our local care homes

Care homes across the country are doing the best they can to stop the spread of covid-19, save loved ones lives and keep people safe. Care home staff are working hard all hours to care for disabled people and residents in insolation. 


During this pandemic, it’s vital that carers are equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment). However PPE is limited and many care homes are struggling. Without it, carers put themselves, their loved ones and those they care for at risk.


Thanks to you to all our hard working customers, donators, staff and fundraisers we were able to donate to three care homes in Morden, Putney and West Wickham free health and safety equipment, and PPE to ensure the safety of the careers and residents during this difficult time.

We supplied each Care home with masks, hand gels, gloves and aprons.

Spreading creativity, fun and gifts to primary school students May 2020

Spreading creativity, fun and gifts to primary school students

Thanks to you! We were able to spread a bit of love, sunshine and crafts to our neighbours, Broadwater Primary School in Tooting Broadway.

We delivered brand new arts and crafts kits, education games, board games and puzzles to the students at  Broadwater Primary School Tooting broadway. These activities are sure to add some creativity and fun to their homeschooling and family life!

Thanks to you, we were able to spread some joy to the children in our local community.

Laptop donations to aid children with home schooling March - May 2020

Campaign - Laptop donations to aid children with home schooling

The covid-19 pandemic has affected our educational systems worldwide, leading to closures of schools, colleges and universities. The closure of schools have put a strain on our educational system and has limited learning and fun resources.

Many children in our local community are struggling. Due to finical circumstances, Families cannot afford to access online learning platforms for their children.

Thanks to you, our generous donators. Who provide us with their second hand laptops. With a bit of magic, we transformed the laptops and gave them to referred children in the council of Wandsworth and Richmond.

Thanks to you, We were able to provide laptops as online learning platforms that students can reach schools and teachers remotely and limit the disruption of education during the covid-19.

This eco friendly way of recycling is beneficial for not only the planet, but for the children who need it the most in our local community.

Funding essential Holistic services to Richards House Hospice, Beckton January 2020

Richards House Hospice

This January we visited Richards House Hospice. Who provide 24-hour specialist cares for babies, children and young adults who have life-shortening, life limiting or complex health conditions. As well as offering support and accommodation for the whole family. Alongside their key services of respite, palliative and end of life care, they also provide essential holistic services such as music, dance, movement and art therapy, multi-sensory play, family activities, trips, outings and bereavement support.

Currently, government grants are ONLY given for essential medical costs. However, Lucy was keen to point out how essential the other half of hospice care is. Music therapy sessions have proven to reduce anxiety, depression, psychological disorders, physical effects of stress, improves healing, self-expression and communication. Without funding for toys, games and books, Richards House Hospice had to rely on the generosity of the public. This is why hospice care is so valuable for the majority of Richards House patients who come from the most deprived areas in London.

With no funding for the government to cover these costs, Little Lives UK came to the rescue. We brought two boxes of toys and donated £850 to pay for music therapy and new playtime supplies.

With our hands and heart heavy and full, we were thrilled how valued the children, families and staff were for our donations of brand new educational toys, books, science kits! We are so excited to see the renovation in the playground. As well as being able to help support  Richards House hospice to continue their incredible specialist services and make a real difference to children lives.


Children’s intensive care unit
St George’s Hospital, Tooting
December 2019

St Georges Main

We’re thrilled to announce the birthday of our Tooting Broadway Charity shop. We are so humbled and grateful for all the hard work and support of our staff, fundraisers, donors, customers and volunteers for all these years! 

For our birthday celebration, we instantly knew we wanted to help lift the spirits at the children’s intensive care unit and Neonatal department at St George’s Hospital, Tooting. 

For every child being in hospital can extremely hard, especially during this festive season. Every child deserves to be able to have fun! But most importantly to feel special and loved during this difficult time. We decided our local children need to remember the joys of being a kid again and have a smile put back on their face! 

So we decorated and hand packed gift bags full of brand new clothing, games, puzzles, toys, fluffy teddies, educational and classic books! To our local children’s intensive care unit. For the babies in the Neonatal department, we created more gift bags full of brand new luxury bedding, pillows, blankets, storage boxes, baby grows, sleepsuits, mittens, hats, socks, bibs, bed dresses, accessories and fairy tale books.  

We’re so pleased that St Georges Hospital loved our gifts! We are so proud to say our gifts made a real difference to our local children and families.

Police and Community Boxing Club, Feltham November 2019

In our second November campaign we went down to Feltham Police and Community Boxing Club where we had agreed to pay at least a years rent. This was to make sure Chris and his coaches could continue to run the classes at a subsidised rate, and keep it open to local children. Since 2015 the rate of public incidents in Feltham town centre had reduced, with some praise being given to the introduction of the boxing club. The whole idea was to get kids into the sport and out of trouble and it had worked. Keeping this positive movement going was a no brainer for our campaigns team. 
On the night we were able to talk to Barry Jones, former WBO World Champion, who came down to talk to the kids and coaches, also lending out his WBO belt for selfies. Barry talked about his own career and the hard work he had to put in. He was especially candid about how he dealt with his first and only defeat, and the lessons it taught him outside of boxing. 
The value of sport in helping shape young adults became especially clear when we talked to Zac, who at 12 years old, took up boxing to help with issues he had at school. He told us that being able to manage his anger inside the ring, has allowed him to become calmer outside. Both Barry and Zac are testament to the power of sport to teach people lessons that extend beyond the sport itself.

St Quintin’s Children’s Centre, Labroke Grove September - November 2019

Our first November campaign took us to the St Quintin’s Children’s Centre in Ladbroke Grove. The centre provides care for disabled children and respite to parents who are working full time jobs. After visiting the centre and talking to Karla, one of the managers, it was obvious that the work they are doing is extremely important to local families. The joy that the centre brings to the children was infectious every time we visited. 
On the day of our donation we got to see their evening disco and have a full tour of the sensory room, where, Karla informed us, the kids like to press every single button at once, releasing a somewhat confusing mix of smells, designed to engage the kids. Combine this with an assembly of lights and textures and it was quite the experience. The good humour from all the staff and children was a common theme, with one young boy, Elias, introducing himself as Tony, much to the amusement of everyone that knew him. 
This was exactly the right place to lend a hand to. We agreed to donate £5000, our biggest donation to date, specifically allowing the centre to purchase a new disability wheelchair bike and tricycles. Karla made it clear that every child deserves an equal opportunity, which is why she wanted to give kids that couldn’t use the other outdoor equipment a chance to experience riding a bike for themselves. My London News attended the donation evening, which you can read about here.

A Transformation Within the Family Home, Wandsworth August 2019

Transformations Within the Family Home

Our August campaign set out to improve the living situation of a family that has been struggling under the pressures of debt. Sadly, the three children and their mother recently suffered a loss in their family, which has taken a huge toll on their home. When Wandsworth social services referred the Little Lives team to the house, it was in desperate need of refurnishing and the garden had become so overgrown that the children could no longer use it.

The transformation within the home has been described best by the family’s social worker, Sarah Gill: “Thank you to everyone at Little Lives for the huge changes that were carried out for the family. Not only did they turn the garden into a space that the children could play outdoors in, they provided the family with a homely living room where they can sit together and eat, and relax on a brand-new sofa.”

“The little girl will finally have her own bedroom so she can enjoy playing with her toys in the comfort of her own space – something that she has not had for a very long time. The transformations will change the family’s life, and without the support of Little Lives this would not have been possible. I am hugely grateful to the whole team for their dedication, hard work and commitment to ensuring that children have a space to call home!”

The Dream Bedroom Campaign Jun - July 2019

The Dream Bedroom Campaign

Our June campaign raised the money to transform Youma and Naima’s bedrooms into their own personalised spaces. With the help of volunteers from Blue Performing Arts and, after eight hours of intensive decorating, the children now have two beautiful bedrooms that they love.

Youma’s room was kept to a white colour-scheme and Naima’s has been coloured pink with hand-painted butterflies. Their bedrooms were fitted with new curtains, beds, rugs and furniture, as well as book shelves so that the girls can add to their book collections!

We are so pleased that we were able to support the family and assist in creating a more comfortable home life for Youma, Naima and their father, who told Little Lives: “I am so grateful and happy about all the work and effort that has been put into completely transforming my daughters bedrooms. They were absolutely delighted to see their new rooms and words cannot describe how grateful I am.”

Little Lives Collaborates with Blue Performing Arts May 2019

MPA Academy on Kids’ Dance Workshop

During the May half-term, Little Lives and Blue Performing Arts led a dance programme which offered local children the chance to experience a week-long performing arts camp. 

The end-of-week show allowed the students to showcase 3 different styles of dance, spoken word pieces, and other performances created and choreographed by the children themselves. Ben Hutchings – Mitchell, who is the Founder and Managing Director of the academy, commented on the growth he saw in the students, and the impact this had on their parents who attended the performance: “They saw that their children were in a safe place, part of a team, proud of themselves and extremely talented performers.”

The dance workshop allowed us to provide an opportunity to give kids the chance to grow in confidence, self-belief and team spirit. Above all, the children enjoyed a week full of laughter, celebration and dance. We were so pleased to see how much the kids achieved in such a short period of time – the Little Lives team cannot wait for future collaborations with Blue Performing Arts!

Family Strength May 2019

Family is strength

Through our links with the Social Services team at Wandsworth Council, we were informed about J, aged 2, and his grandmother. 

Due to domestic abuse and the use of drugs in the family home, a decision was made for J to reside permanently with his grandmother, who relocated to London to be able to provide the stability that he was missing. 

After speaking with the case worker, we were determined to make a difference in the life of J and to support his grandmother as she took on the role as his primary carer. Whilst accommodation had been provided, there was no furniture or fittings within the residence.

We are delighted to have been able to supply living room and bedroom furniture, which we could not of done without the help of Mad Max Furniture. 

After hearing about J, they donated a double bed and mattress, which is a prime example of the generosity of the London Community.  We wish J and his grandmother every happiness in their new home.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
St George’s Hospital
April 2019

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit St Georges Hospital

Little Lives was contacted by a staff member of the Paediatrics Intensive Care Unit in St George’s Hospital, who asked if were able to help them by providing equipment for the unit. This request was made with the view to hold a weekly tea / coffee morning for the families of the children who were being treated there. 

This was a more than deserving project, so we happily agreed to provide all of the items that St George’s Hospital had requested. A member of our team met with hospital staff to deliver the items, and we would like to thank those staff who took the time out of their busy schedules to give us further insight into the work that they do. 

South Mitcham Community Centre
Easter holidays dance class
April 2019

Easter holidays dance class

Thanks to the support of the London community, Little Lives UK was able to provide funding to the South Mitcham Community Centre for a dance class that was held over the Easter school holidays. 

The class, held for two days over the Easter holidays, was a resounding success!  The sessions were provided by Fabienne of Bonnaire Arts and Education; attendance was extremely high with 30 children present at the first session and 40 in the second. 

The children and their families commented on how the opportunity gave them the chance to grow in confidence – the Little Lives team was so pleased to hear their feedback, and to see how beneficial the classes were. 

Synapptic TV Box for Tyrese March 2019

Synapptic TV Box

We were also able to assist an individual this month, through our ongoing work with the RNIB.  When we heard about the young man and his situation, we were reminded of how passionate we are about the work we do. 

The young man (15) had suffered a cardiac arrest and his sight had been affected severely, he is now adjusting to living his life with very limited vision.  This had happened recently and both the young man and his family are adjusting to a devasting diagnosis that will impact across the whole family unit.

We were able to provide a TV and internet device that would allow him to do some of the things he used to do and allow him to interact with friends and family. 

Building Bridges
Contact Centre Wandsworth
February - March 2019

Building Bridges - Contact Centre Wandsworth

On Friday 5th April we had the pleasure of presenting the Wandsworth Contact Centre with the toys and equipment that we were able to provide due to the support and generosity of the London community. The contact centre provides much needed support for children and their families to be able to develop and sustain positive relationships.

Lella, our Tooting shop manager was given a warm welcome by the staff at the centre who were genuinely delighted with all of the items. They had also provided refreshments which was much appreciated!

The staff had told us that it was more difficult to engage the older children who attended, the centre now has a Playstation 4, an air hockey table and a tennis table, just to mention a few of the items provided.

Nathan’s relaxation and tranquillity January 2019

Nathan’s relaxation and tranquillity

Our first campaign of 2019 was for a nine year old boy, Nathan. Nathan has Nystagmus and also high degree myopia which severely affects his sight. His condition impacts enormously on both Nathan and his mum, both at home and at school.

Little Lives has previously worked with the Royal Society of Blind Children and we were very pleased to continue our support. Nathan suffers from global development delay and becomes very stressed, one of the only things that helps Nathan calm down is watching cartoons and he also enjoys singing along to music videos. Nathan was using his mum’s phone but really needed his own device. Little Lives were very happy to be able to provide a new IPad and additionally a storage unit for his bedroom.

Little Lives delivered the items to his mother at the beginning of February, unfortunately Nathan was at school, however his mum was overwhelmed and asked that we pass her thanks to all of our customers and donators!

Lambeth Academy - gift drive December 2018

Lambeth Academy - gift drive

In December 2018, we worked with the pupils of Lambeth Academy, who organised a gift drive for children in their local area who are less fortunate.

We were grateful to Wandsworth Council Social Services who took the collection of gifts to distribute to families within Wandsworth and believe that we made a real difference to our community at Christmas.

Giving kids access to fitness October, November 2018

Giving kids access to fitness

In October and November of 2018, we supported a boxing club based in Tooting, London. TM Boxing has been running affordable group sessions for children for nearly ten years. The club runs three sessions a week and no child is ever turned away.

Over the past ten years, they have worked with many children who have special needs, developing social skills and building their self-esteem and confidence.

Some of the group’s members were at risk of exclusion from school or have had difficulties at home, but through the work at TM Boxing, a large number of these children have improved and rebuilt relationships both at school and home. The money we raised was spent on new equipment for the group, helping to improve their classes and deliver more high-quality training, development, and nurture to their students.

Balham Children’s Home September 18

Childrens Home Balham d

In September of 2018, we raised money for a new children’s home opening in Balham. The money raised was spent on items the children needed to start their life in their new home.

Every donation helped and we were able to improve these children’s lives, offering them a happier and brighter future.

Royal Society for Blind Children July, August 2018

Children’s Community Support Programmes

In July and August of 2018, we supported the Royal Society for Blind Children. The charity estimates there are 185 families with blind children in Wandsworth, and without support, too many of these children face a future of poverty and loneliness. Currently, nine out of 10 blind children won’t have a long-term job when they grow up, and most will never have someone to share their life with.

With the right support, however, everything can change. That starts with RSBC’s Family Workers. Vicky, RSBC’s local Family Worker for South London is there to offer a listening ear and a comforting hand from the moment parents are told their child is blind. And for as long as a family needs their advice, RSBC is on hand to help support their blind child’s learning and development at home, in school, and through community activities.

It costs £500 for Vicky to give a full year of support to one local blind child and his or her family, thanks to generous donations, Little Lives UK, Vicky and the RSBC helped young blind people build their skills, friendships, and self-belief to achieve their dreams.

St Christopher’s Diamond Fund June 2018

diamond fund 2

In June 2018, we supported the St Christopher’s Fellowship, a registered charity providing care, accommodation and support to disadvantaged and homeless young people through their children’s homes, supported housing schemes and fostering placements. Many of their projects and services are based in London, but they also support young people in Sandwell, Bedford and on the Isle of Man.

Through the Diamond Fund, their young people can receive small grants to enable them to take up opportunities to access education, training and employment (ETE). This could be things such as a suit for a job interview, a travel card for the first month of employment (until they get paid), enrolment fees for further education college, books, tools, hair-dressing equipment, protective clothing, small grants to help people set up in business, clothing for interviews, sewing machine, cooking utensils, music instruments, and so much more.

Providing a young person with even a very small grant can make a huge difference; many of the young people they work with simply need someone to believe in them. Donations from our incredible supporters helped them to achieve their goal.

Makaton Training Course May 2018

Makaton training

In May 2018, we raised money for Makaton training courses held at the Band Foundation. Makaton is a language programme designed to give individuals who cannot communicate efficiently by speaking a means of communication.

The Makaton language programme is used with individuals affected by autism, down syndrome, and language impairments, including stroke patients.

The money raised helped to fund training programmes at the Band Foundation, with donations contributing to bettering lives of children and individuals suffering from language impairments. Thanks to Little Lives UK and our generous donors, individuals were taught language and literacy skills that will help them to lead normal, functioning lives.

Ronald Mcdonald House: Home away from home 2018

ronald mcdonald house tooting s

In 2018, we worked with the Ronald McDonald House, on the site of St George’s Hospital. The house provides families of children who are long-term patients with a “home away from home”, which enables them to be close at hand for their children. Little Lives made donations of toys and books to the home throughout the year to support their incredible ongoing work.

To See Lucas Walk December 2017

Help Lucas Walk

Lucas’ parents started physical rehabilitation as soon as they could, and he first started to reach out after toys. At three years old, with help, Lucas was able to stand up but needed further rehabilitation to get him on his feet, costing £875. His parents couldn’t afford rehab as they were struggling financially, so Little Lives UK got involved and helped, with others, to bring Lucas to his feet.

Help Lea to sit on her own August 2017


Back in 2017, Lea’s parents announced their ambitions to raise £620 to pay for their daughter’s physical therapy. Lea, who was five at the time, struggled with a debilitating condition but remained a smiley and positive girl, excited about her life and adventures.

Thanks to your support, we helped to raise money for Lea, whose family used it to fund her treatment. Since then, Lea fulfilled her family’s dreams – to be able to sit on her own.