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Our Technology Campaigns Read what our donations of electronic items have meant
to some of the schools and organisations we’ve worked with

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As part of our continuous campaign,
Little Lives UK has donated over
to children via schools, refugee centres
and councils across London. 

We are thrilled that we have managed to donate this many items to those in need, all thanks to your generous donations. We feel very proud to have helped this many children through these donations, which we hope will hugely help with their education in these challenging times. Particularly with the uncertainty surrounding education at the moment, as a charity we felt it was only right that many underprivileged children receive support with their learning.

Who we’ve helped

  • The Weir Link is community led organisation based in SW12. Since opening in 2003, they have been a central and communal place for members of the community to enjoy through partnerships with expert organisations and projects. At the Weir Link, Health and Safety workshops, arts & crafts classes and after-school clubs are held regularly, along with the community centre being a meeting place for elderly people and a community space for hire.

    The Weir Link have set up an after-school homework club for children of the local schools, many of whom do not own their own computer or device that can support the classwork they need to do, so they don’t fall behind with socialising or education.

    The aim of the classes is to enable children to be able to keep up with their school work and complete their homework like so many of their peers can do with ease. With a donation of five laptops, more children can take part, be social with children from their own school and others in the community, help to alleviate some feeling of loneliness caused by isolating periods from the lockdowns, feel part of a wider community and stay up to speed with their schooling.

    Community organisations like The Weir Link are so important in this current climate, with many vulnerable people finding it hard to go about their lives like they used to, the need for social interaction in a safe place is vital.

  • “Your 15 devices have been delivered to 15 of our most vulnerable pupils.  It has made an incredible difference to their mental health and wellbeing – giving them the opportunity to be fully connected to their school community as well as accessing the learning online. This will hopefully prevent them from falling any further behind in their learning and enable us to safeguard them more effectively by having daily visual contact. Parents who are unable to provide the necessary devices to their children feel the weight of this responsibility and have been so grateful to you for lifting this burden.  They now have a sense of peace knowing that all that can be done to support their children remotely, at this time, is being done.”

  • “On behalf of Cystic Fibrosis Care we send Little Lives UK an enormous thank you for your exceptional generosity in supporting children and teenagers who suffer with Cystic Fibrosis. By providing these valuable devises you will be helping 14 children to be able to receive home schooling through these tablets and to continue their education through technology which is so vital for their future during these most difficult times in the pandemic. Our charity works to access the care CF patients need to improve the quality of their life and minimise their daily struggle, and we cannot emphasis how grateful we are for your tremendous support.”

  • “There have been a number of challenges that schools have overcome during the pandemic. However, the poverty and inequality that our community experiences around technology has been significant. Your kind donation of tablets will help our children to access their remote lessons and give our teachers the opportunity to reach them directly to help our children learn. We are extremely grateful for your generosity. There has been a real shift in making sure that all children can access the online learning that schools are delivering. These devices will ensure that children not only access their learning, but they are involved in the social interaction of seeing peers, participating in whole class learning and being able to communicate with their peers. This is vital for the children’s mental health. Some of these children are living in multi-family housing, poor housing conditions, are living with a parent/carer with a medical condition or living with a condition themselves. The school truly believes this interaction is just as important as the learning itself. On behalf of the families, I would like to say THANK YOU!”

  • “I’d like to thank all the team at Little Lives UK and those that support your wonderful charity, for the kind donation of tablets to children in our school who did not have a device at home and were unable to access lessons online. Home learning can be a very challenging time for families and this is amplified when there is a lack of appropriate devices in the home. As a result of your benevolence, we have been able to provide devices to children who previously had inadequate, or no means of accessing online lessons. Your generosity and that of your supporters is truly appreciated by our whole school community. You have made a big difference to many of our little lives and have provided so much more than an item of technology: you have given children access to education. Thank you.”

Our Technology Campaign
  • Thank you so much for your charity’s generosity.  You have given us more that we could have dreamed of and each of those devices will mean that another child or children will be able to access the remote home learning we provide during this lockdown (when will it end?)  It will mean that a child will no longer be staying up late in order to have their turn to do some learning.  It will mean that a child can now do their work using a bigger screen than their parents’ small smart phone.  Our families and pupils are truly grateful for what you have given us.”

  • “I would just like to thank Little Lives UK for donating 25 mobile phones to the Diabetes Team at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The Management of diabetes is becoming extremely technologically based using mobile phone applications to receive the very best treatment advice and care. We currently have approx. 150 patients that are primary school aged, and therefore, would not be expected to own a mobile phone, and approximately 20 that are not even school age. We also have lots of families who just cannot afford the expense of purchasing a mobile phone. Without these donated phones, we would not be able to provide our patients with the basic and advanced treatments that every family deserves to receive. Once again, thank you all so very much.”

  • “I would like to express our sincere gratitude on behalf of our care leavers in Haringey.  These devices will enable some of our young people, and young parents to continue with their studies, and also gain access to educational, employment and training opportunities whilst going through this pandemic.  We have been struggling to obtain enough digital devices to keep all our young people engaged and motivated to move forward.  Your donation will help us out tremendously to achieve this. Again, thanks for listening and responding to our plea.”

Donate electronics

We’re constantly looking to donate more items to as many organisations as possible,
so please consider donating any old or unused electronic items you may have here.