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Our Technology Programme Having access to electronic devices is more important
than ever for both children and their families.

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Despite the developments there have been in the technological world, there are still hundreds of children in London that don’t have access to any technological devices. We understand how vital it is that children learn more online, not solely for their education, but to communicate with their friends and for learning essential skills that can develop their career prospects. In order to guarantee that children can acquire electronic items, we’ve launched our technology programme, where we will donate up to 25 electronic items to schools and other children’s organisations that are in need of devices.

About the Programme

  • We aim to help tackle the digital poverty that many children and families in London face by donating as many electronic items as we can. Children have suffered greatly over the past year with school closures forcing them to learn from home. To further help with their education and to enhance their career prospects, Little Lives UK want to ensure that many more children can learn online through the devices we donate.

  • We will be offering donations to organisations that are based in London and that work with children. The programme is aiming to help children develop, by assisting them with their education and by learning more skills online. Examples of groups we will work with includes schools, youth clubs, charities and councils.

  • We can support organisations by offering up to 25 electronic devices. There is no minimum number of items that can be applied for, and you can specify which type of device you would be looking to receive. We will also include a piece about our donation to your organisation through our social media channels and on our website.

Who we’ve helped

Take a look at our technology campaigns page to see who we’ve donated to so far, and the positive impacts our contributions have had on many children.