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Our Technology Programme

Technology device donations to schools and children’s organisations

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We are ending technology poverty with computer, tablet and other electronics donations

Despite the developments there have been in the technological world, there are still thousands of children around the UK that don’t have access to technology. We understand how vital it is that children are able to use technology to learn online, not solely for their education, but also to communicate with their friends and to learn essential skills that can develop their career prospects in later life.

In order to guarantee that children can have access to the technology they need, we run our Technology Programme. We donate up to 25 electronic items per donation to schools and other children’s organisations that are in need of support and can help children or young people gain access to the technology they need.

How does our Technology Programme work?

We collect technology device donations with our free electronics collection service.

Our team and volunteers refurbish as many devices as they can.

Schools and organisations apply for a technology donation.

Devices are donated via schools and other children’s organisations.

Devices donated to children via schools,
youth clubs and councils

Is your school, youth club or other children’s organisation in need of essential devices? Apply for support now

Little Lives UK offers technology donations to schools, youth clubs, charities and other organisations that work closely with children throughout the UK. We can support your organisation with a donation of up to 25 electronic devices. There is no minimum number of items you can apply for. You can also specify which type of device you would like to receive. 

Technology donations for schools help children and reduce technology poverty
Old mobile phones that will be donated to schools and other children's organisations

Do you have unwanted technology and electronic devices? Donate them to us today

Our Technology Programme wouldn’t work without the generous donations of unwanted devices from the general public and our supporters. You can donate your unwanted electronic devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones in any condition with our free London electronics collection service or by delivering them to one of our charity shops in London. If you are living outside of London or Bournemouth you can also easily mail us your phone or tablet with our free postage label.

What our benefactors say

Eulina from Queens Park Primary School carrying donated tablets

Our tablet donation to Queens Park Primary School

We have donated 20 tablets and iPads to the Queens Park Primary School which will be used at the school to aid the children in their studies. This will not only allow teachers to use interactive learning techniques, but also allow the students themselves to use the tablets for homework or further research while gaining essential technology skills.

How our tech donations support schools and other children’s organisations

Cystic Fibrosis Care

On behalf of Cystic Fibrosis Care we send Little Lives UK an enormous thank you for your exceptional generosity in supporting children and teenagers who suffer with Cystic Fibrosis. By providing these valuable devices you will be helping 14 children to be able to receive home schooling through these tablets and to continue their education through technology which is so vital for their future during these most difficult times in the pandemic. Our charity works to access the care CF patients need to improve the quality of their life and minimise their daily struggle, and we cannot emphasis how grateful we are for your tremendous support.”

– Cystic Fibrosis Care

Stag Lane Primary School

Thank you so much for your charity’s generosity. You have given us more that we could have dreamed of and each of those devices will mean that another child or children will be able to access the remote home learning we provide during this lockdown (when will it end?). It will mean that a child will no longer be staying up late in order to have their turn to do some learning. It will mean that a child can now do their work using a bigger screen than their parents’ small smart phone. Our families and pupils are truly grateful for what you have given us.”

– Stag Lane Primary School