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Free counselling sessions

Children have benefited
from free sessions

According to the NHS there is an average of an 18 week waiting time for referrals to be seen by a mental health professional. In the last two years these waiting times have dramatically increased because of the pressure on the NHS from the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Our partners have found that these wait times can be too long for children and can only increase the deterioration of their mental health meaning that waiting for 18 weeks or more to see a mental health professional can have a lasting impact on children.

Between April and December 2020, there was a total of 193 likely child suicides in the UK, self-harm rate in children aged between nine and twelve has doubled in the last six years and a survey of secondary school children by Place2Be, a charity that offers counselling in schools, shows self-harm reports rose 77%.

This is why we started ‘Someone To Talk To’. To fund private counselling sessions for children being signposted by local officials to counsellors, who otherwise could not afford private counselling.

Our Partners

Their mission is to provide a professional and confidential service to the children and young people in our community; empowering them to manage stress and anxiety; and therefore, develop an improved quality of life.

Their service has been acknowledged by both the BCP council and local schools to be an effective support for mental health and well-being.​ ​Timely intervention has been proven to help children and young people in times of need.

Counselling is a way to provide them with the right tools to manage issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harming, low esteem, as well as many other concerns.

We have also supported

Dorset Mind Charity

December 2021 – We are pleased to announce our support and donation of £1,500 to Dorset Mind, through our Child Community Support Programme. The money donated will ensure that six children will have access to one-to-one wellbeing support, once a week for 26 weeks. The sessions will include face to face counselling to support their wellbeing and to talk about any issues they may be facing.

During the last two years and during the pandemic, the number of cases of anxiety and mental health issues has steadily risen. According to a survey carried out by Dorset Mind, 87% of respondents felt lonely or isolated with no one to talk to during the pandemic and 40% who had not previously suffered with mental health issues now are.
The sessions that Little Lives UK have contributed towards have been set up in direct response to the worsening state of mental health of young people because of the pandemic in the UK.

The work of Dorset Mind is vital in ensuring that young people do have someone to talk to when they need help with their mental health. Especially as the cases of poor mental health are now rising, Dorset Mind’s job has never been harder or more needed.

Teen in crisis
January 2022 – Teens In Crisis+ is a charity that was founded in 1993 to help support, maintain and better the mental wellbeing of those in the area that are struggling or are at risk of struggling with mental health concerns.
They are in important link to vital services in a largely rural area that is often neglected when it comes to funding and support for mental health services.

Little Lives UK is delighted to announce a donation of £1,500 to TIC+ for free counselling sessions for young people in the local area. The project is called the Free Access Counselling Service. Here young people who are struggling with their mental health can access professionals either face to face or over Zoom to talk about ways to manage their concerns. This is done through series of workshops, coping mechanisms and face to face counselling sessions.
The donation of £1,500 from us will be able to fund 25 sessions for young people in Gloucestershire.

The young people who access this come with a variety of mental health concerns that include addictions, domestic violence, bullying, sexual abuse, physical disability, death and loss. Because of various reasons such as lack of transport, lack of early intervention and the correct social services, some children and young people of the area slip through the net and their mental health is not discussed and supported as it should be.

The above reasons are exactly why TIC+ is such a vital service in the area. We are proud to be supporting them and all he hard but amazing work they do.

Children Heard and Seen Logo
March 2022 – Across the UK there are thousands of children who have got a parent in prison. This can leave the child with a sense of isolation because of the limited time they can see their parents.

Not only does this cause an issue with their socialisation with other children their age, nationally speaking, 65% of boys with a parent in prison will go on to offend themselves later in life. Intervention for children with a parent in prison is vital in ensuring that the child feels safe themselves but also, they are given the tools to lead a happy and healthy life instead of becoming involved in criminal activity.

Children Heard and Seen work closely with children whose parent or parents are in prison and offer one-to-one sessions with them to ensure that their needs are being met. The sessions are run to improve their self-esteem and their confidence, improve their mental wellbeing, give them a chance to talk about their feelings in a safe space and help to alleviate any issues they may have.

We are pleased to announce that we have donated £1,500 through our Someone To Talk To campaign towards these sessions. 10 children who have a parent in prison can receive one-to-one support from a professional case worker. The children will be able to gain access to intensive courses weekly for 5 weeks.

Charities like CHAS are so vital in helping these children, from over the 500 children that they have helped, only 2 have gone on to offend themselves. Many of the children that they have supported have seem an increased school attendance rate and higher achievements despite the potential barriers they face.

Shine21 logo
March 2022 – Based in Haxby in Yorkshire, Shine21 are doing some amazing work in supporting families who have a child who has Down’s Syndrome.

Shine21 believe that parents are pivotal to their child’s development and work closely with parents and carers to offer advice, support, reassurance and to ensure they are well prepared to help their child reach their potential.

Shine21 use the services of outsourced Speech and Language Therapists for sessions with the children and their families. We are excited to announce that we have donated £1,500 towards these sessions to help to support at least 35 children who are being supported by Shine21. 

The sessions follow a personalised curriculum which provides regular and bespoke developmental resources for effective speech and language therapy. Their approach is critical in its success as it ensures that the children are given a bespoke and personal service from the therapists, with the maximum number of children in each session being only 4, the sessions offer personal time between the therapist and the children and a chance for social interaction between the children.

The sessions hope to achieve a baseline knowledge for all children in communication but also to ensure that the children learn how to effectively communicate with each other, learn some literacy and numeracy skills and set them up in a place that means they are able to commence with school and learn life-long skills.

The Maze Academy LogoMarch 2022 – Maze Org CIC are the charitable arm of the Maze Academy in Cricklewood, London. Here, they aim to support every child with the learning, regardless of background. 75% of the families who contact the academy are from a low-income household and are not able to afford paid intervention. Maze Org CIC helps these families to gain access to intervention services.

We are pleased to announce a donation of £1,495 to the Maze Org Inc to help fund 24 one-to-one early intervention sessions for children.

The sessions will concentrate on strategies and tools to help the children regulate their emotions and prepare them for learning again. MOC’s services are currently in high demand in a number of schools and have good relationships with schools across a number of 3 north London Boroughs. Through using tools such as ‘Zones of Regulation’ and ‘Social Stories’ they provide children with skills to appropriately respond to their environment, tools to manage their thoughts, feelings, behaviour and cognition, alternative ways to problem solve and successfully resolve new arising situations, ways to understand social norms and how to react appropriately and the teaching of effective communication skills.

Via Wings LogoApril 2022 – Via Wings are a Northern Ireland based charity that aims to support those in their community who are living with disability, at risk of exclusion, have or may potentially have mental health concerns and those who are risk of social isolation.

They work with local community leaders and other charities and organisations to ensure that everyone in society is helped in a non-judgemental way.

Little Lives UK are proud to announce a £1,500 donation towards the funding of a one-to-one play therapy specialist who over the course of 12 months is hoping to deliver 125 sessions for disadvantaged primary school children.

The sessions will encourage the children to explore their creativity, express themselves using play, painting, water and clay, puppetry, poetry, movement and music. The sessions aim to help children overcome traumatic experiences through learning techniques that help to facilitate the expressions of emotions, encourage the development of positive decision making, learn problem solving, develop better social skills and help to improve their communication skills. The outcomes of the sessions is to see a reduction in anxiety, a raising in self-esteem and the teaching of new skills that will help improve the children’s quality of life.

Mentor LinkApril 2022 – The Mentor Link in Stourport on Severn provides one to one social and emotional support to distressed, disadvantaged and vulnerable children by providing them with a mentor. There is a broad spectrum of issues and challenges that ML help children overcome and manage each day.

Waiting times with the NHS and CAMHS has risen dramatically and those in need are at risk of not receiving any help, especially those who are deemed to have ‘smaller issues’.

This is why Little Lives UK are proud to announce a donation of £1,500 towards a specialist counsellor to help children who are at risk of self-harming or are currently self-harming. The funding will be put towards 30 counselling sessions which would support up to 5 children across the year.

Mentees are often referred to the ML from local schools after they have been recognised to have poor mental health or are self-harming. The sessions will teach children how to manage their mental health in a safe way and to help overcome any mental health issues they may have.

MindstarsApril 2022 – Based in North Shields, Mindstars (NE) CIC support the metal health and wellbeing of children and young people by working with local schools, parents, carers and the community to deliver a full-circle approach.

MS use proactive early education to help reduce the long-term effects of mental health issues win adulthood by working and focusing on children at primary school age. Learning how to manage mental wellbeing at a young age is essential and will improve the future potential for young children.

Through our Someone To Talk To campaign, we are delighted to announce a donation of £1,500 to help fund 10 mental health sessions for 15 children. In these sessions the children will learn how to manage their mental wellbeing with coping mechanisms and wellbeing techniques. Through the funding, the sessions and equipment will be covered.

The aims of the sessions are to improve mental health of children, give access to safe space where children can have a voice, reduce the need for mental health crisis support and help give the children a better quality of life.