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We are dedicated to inclusion through sport

Little Lives UK is dedicated to ensuring that children can access all possible ways to ensuring a healthy and happy childhood.

Sport, exercise and physical activity are important for all children. Helping to improve their mental wellbeing, their physical wellbeing, social interaction and teamwork, we believe it is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life, the ability to join in with physical activity, have fun and stay healthy.

Sponsoring sports teams that make a difference in the lives of children

Throughout the UK many children do not have access to a sports team, a club or physical activity that can help to improve both their physical and mental well-being.

This can be due to not being able to afford club membership, not being able to afford equipment or not having physical access to a club. We at Little Lives UK are dedicated to sponsoring teams, clubs and activities that can make a difference to children. We sponsor teams for equipment, kits, free sessions and subsidised memberships.

Check out the teams and clubs we sponsor and find out how your sport team or club can benefit from a Little Lives UK Sport Team Sponsorship.

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Group of children who participated in Little Lives UK sponsored sport activity

Proudly sponsoring sports teams in the UK

Bristol Saracens RFC Juniors
Bristol Saracens RFC Juniors

Bristol Saracens RFC Juniors are a rugby club who participate in the star scheme. This scheme allows children who would not ordinarily enjoy the sport due to a variety of barriers including cost of participation and additional needs, to enjoy the sport and gain all the physical and social benefits of team sport and the club environment. We are proud to support the funding of this scheme to help provide kit, transport, food and refreshments to these young players.

Sale FC Rugby Club Logo

Sale FC Rugby Club U10s 

Sale FC Rugby Club supports and inspires many children through rugby with important values like teamwork, respect, discipline, sportsmanship and most importantly fun. This training guides the players both on and off pitch to become determined, responsible and considerate. Little Lives UK is proud to sponsor the Sale FC Rugby Club U10s to help them attend a prestigious rugby festival for their first rugby tour.

Guiseley Juniors Logo

Guiseley Juniors FC under 7s 

Guiseley Juniors FC strives to teach its teams with exceptional training and playing. The children also gain excellent social experiences while staying fit and having fun. Little Lives Uk is pleased to sponsor Guiseley Juniors FC under 7s to help provide an away kit and training kits for all of the children on the team. 

Super Star Sport FC Logo

Super Star Sport FC 

Super Star Sport FC is a football team run by the amazing team at Super Star Sport Midlands where children can enjoy football and staying active during the sessions. The children also get the opportunity to practice vital teamworking and social skills. Little Lives UK is proud to support them in getting the kit necessary for cold winter training sessions.

BSCA Lions Football Club Logo

BSCA Lions Football Club

BSCA Lions Football Club is a junior Saturday League team run for under 11’s in Bolton and neighbouring areas. The club was set up to encourage young people to stay fit and healthy and improve the children’s confidence and well-being overall. Little Lives UK are excited to support the club with the cost of home pitch hire and providing each player with a new kit for this season.

Fareham Heathens Rugby Logo

Fareham Heathens 

The Fareham Heathens are a rugby club based on the south coast who have rallied together to save their under 16 team. The U16s have worked together to promote their team and train hard to climb the league table, the players have shown determination and excellent teamwork to bring their team back to life. Little Lives UK are proud to be sponsoring The Fareham Heathens U16s for their 2023/24 season.

Western Warriors Logo

Western Warriors

Western Warriors is a cheerleading team based in Wales that provide a safe space for children to build physical skills and strength. Each athlete at Western Warriors plays an integral part to the team and allows all their members to improve wellbeing and self esteem. We’re proud to be sponsoring Western Warriors this 2023/24 season. 

Bierley Community AFC Logo

Bierley Community AFC

Bierley Community AFC is a community run football club in Bradford that strives to help build confidence, team work skills, self-esteem, and to enrich and inspire children to be the best they can be within sport and within their lives. Little Lives UK are proud to be a sponsor for Bierley Community AFC and funding their new training tracksuits. 

Feltham Community Boxing Club

Feltham Community Boxing Club

Feltham community boxing club is a diverse and engaging gym for anyone who enjoys boxing as well as a supportive environment to socialise and compete with others with the same passions and interests. Coached by Chris Martin, one of Little Lives UK’s very own ambassadors, Little lives is proud to sponsor this incredible sports club with new equipment for the gym.

Lincoln Invictus Logo

Lincoln Invictus

Lincoln Invictus Football club is a volunteer run club with a great passion for offering PAN Disability, Deaf and Hearing Impaired players the opportunity to play a sport they love. This fantastic club not only was awarded a ‘Lincolnshire FA ‘Grassroots Club of the Year’ award but also a ‘Active Club Award’ at the Lincolnshire Sport & Physical Activity Awards. With a range of teams and events this club stands out, and makes Little Lives proud to sponsor them. 

Manvers Waterfront Boat Club

Manvers Waterfront Boat Club

This multi-sports club run by volunteers is a thriving, welcoming sports club for all age groups, no matter your experiences. With a passion to be as accessible as possible all year round, the diverse range of sports offers something for everyone, making Little Lives UK proud to sponsor the Team Manvers Dragonettes for their new training tops. 

Millstone Football Club Logo

Milestone FC

Milestone FC’s community based sports club in Yorkshire provides opportunities for everyone of all abilities making them an inclusive and welcoming football club for people of all ages. Little lives is going to be sponsoring their new team training kit this year.

Carla Rudkin-Guillen

Carla Rudkin-Guillen

Carla Rudkin-Guillen is a British Champion gold medallist in Karate based in the south of England, training at Southern England Karate Federation. We are sponsoring Carla on a yearly basis to ensure that her specialist training can continue and she can continue succeeding in a sport that she is so passionate about and talented at.

Oakmedians Logo

Oakmeadians Rugby Club

Oakmeadians Rugby Club who are based in Bournemouth are the second largest youth rugby team in the south. They are an inclusive club who strive to get people from all walks of life involved in rugby. We are currently sponsoring two kits for two youth teams who play at Oakmeadians and providing funding for those who cannot afford the club membership fees.

Christchurch ABC logo

Christchurch Amateur Boxing Club

Christchurch Amateur Boxing Club are ensuring that children and young people have a safe space to box whilst making new friends, learning new skills, learning to manage personal conflicts and keeping fit. We are proud to be sponsoring Christchurch ABC with funding for young people who cannot afford membership fees and equipment for use in the club.

DLNC logo

Dudley Leisure Netball Club

Dudley Leisure Netball Club are a girl’s and women’s netball team based in the North of England who ensure that those in the local area have a sense of community and belonging at the same time as playing a sport they love. We are sponsoring DLNC’s current match kits for one of their youth teams.

RBFC logo

Rugby Borough Junior Football Club

Rugby Borough Junior Football Club are an inclusive football team that promote team work and fair play to all of their teams. They help to introduce people to football from a young age and support them all the way to senior level. We are pleased to be sponsoring training kits for two Rugby Borough Football Club youth teams.

Swansea Storm Logo

Swansea Storm Fletchlings

Swansea Storm Fletchlings are a wheelchair basketball team from South Wales. They are proud to be an inclusive team that gives people from all backgrounds the chance to get involved in competitive sport. We are proud to be funding the purchase of three specialist wheelchairs for use by the club and its team members.

Dewsbury Celtic Logo

Dewsbury Celtic Rugby League Football Club

Dewsbury Celtic RLFC are a long-established club based in the North of England who encourage people from all walks of life to play Rugby League and become ingrained in the true meaning of playing a team sport. We are sponsoring the kits for the new Girls’ Team which will be starting this season.

Dart Netball Club logo

Dart Netball Club

Dart Netball Club are based in Paignton, Torbay. They encourage young children to get involved in netball and help to inspire them to carry on playing. Since their youth team has expanded, they are in need of more kits. Little Lives UK are sponsoring kits for Dart Netball junior teams.

Kilmarnock Rugby Club logo

Kilmarnock Rugby Club

Kilmarnock Rugby Club – Girls are a team based in Scotland who aim to provide an inclusive experience everyone, no matter their ability or background. The integration into a rugby team greatly helps to improve the young people’s physical health but also their mental health. We are proud to be sponsoring their girls’ team’s full kit. This will help provide a sense of identity in the team.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary Academy Logo

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary Academy

We are sponsoring football kits for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary Academy in Huddersfield to ensure that all children can play as part of the team and feel a sense of unity when playing together. Our kit sponsorship covers football kits that include shirts, socks, shorts and boots for all to use.

Colyton Youth Football Club

Colyton Youth Football Club

Colyton Youth Football Club are football team based in Devon whose main aim is to ensure that all children who are interested in playing football can in a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. The club ethos is enjoyment whilst aiming to build on the children’s confidence and ability. The funding will be used to sponsor the Colyton Youth Football Club U8’s team’s kit.

Adam Harper Boxing Clever

Adam Harper Boxing Clever is a boxing club run by ex-professional boxer, Adam Harper. The club offers children in the Tewkesbury area the opportunity to participate in free non-contact boxing sessions. The aim of the club is to improve children’s mental and physical fitness and to ensure they are in a safe environment instead of spending time on the street.

City of Stoke Youth FC U15 Logo

City of Stoke Youth FC U15

City of Stoke Youth FC U15’s are a grass roots team that promote inclusion and teamwork. They like to encourage people from all walks of life to join their team and enjoy playing football together. We are very proud to be sponsoring their U15s’ 2023-2024 match kit. This will ensure that everyone who wants to play in the team can do without any financial pressures.

North Down Boxing Club LogoNorth Down Boxing Club

North Down Boxing Club are a boxing club that encourages young people to get involved in boxing both a socially and competitively. The they provide young people of the area an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and keep fit. We are proud to be sponsoring them, ensuring that new equipment can be bought and those who could not previously afford to get involved, now can.

Kirkham Junior Football Club

Kirkham Junior Football Club

Kirkham Junior Football Club is a youth team based in Preston which give children the opportunity to play the sport they love with other children in the community. A lot of the children who play for KJFC are from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are very proud to have provided sponsorship for their under 13’s team’s match kit for next season.

St John’s Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy LogoSt John’s Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy

We are sponsoring St John’s Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy of Oxford to help buy football and rugby kits plus other sports equipment. As well as providing a safe space for students after school, this will enable students to develop their sporting skills as well as developing their life skills such as communication, team work, confidence, fair play and respect. We are very proud to be supporting this team.

Stanburn Primary Boys Football Team

Stanburn Primary Boys Football Team

We are sponsoring Stanburn Primary Boys Football Team of Stanmore in Middlesex, so that they can purchase new football kits. Our donation will help to provide the children with new shirts, shorts and socks which will help to give a sense of pride and belonging and will promote and foster co-operation, respect and equality within the boys team.

St Paulinus Catholic Primary Academy Logo

St Paulinus Catholic Primary Academy

We are sponsoring St Paulinus Catholic Primary Academy so that they can purchase new sports kits for their pupils, this includes boots, socks and pads. This donation will help to allow the children to wear their sports kits with pride and represent their school. The sports team has a great impact on the children’s lives, such as learning to mix with other schools and being team players.