What We Do

05/07/2017 – Little Lives UK is a new charity organisation which aims to help children and young people with special needs by providing support and activities (including leisure time activities). Our goal is help develop their skills and abilities to allow them to better participate in society.

We want to raise money to help fund the youngsters’ basic developmental skills such as health and education so that as many children as possible with disability, special needs and long-term illness can participate fully in the world around them.

To achieve our aims, we will soon be opening our first charity shop.

We are working on three projects at the moment: Help Lea To Sit On Her Own, To See Lucas Walk and a Makaton Training Course.

In preparation for the opening of our first shop we have already started a home collection service in North West and South West London.

We would appreciate any financial support as we would really love to help Lea and Lucas and to be able to pay for a teacher to attend the Makaton training course. There are also many more children and families out there who are waiting for our support and help.

The other help we need is with marketing support. We would like to reach out to more people and to make the public more aware of our work.

Our aim summary
Little lives UK aim is to advance in life, relieve the needs of, and to help children and young people by providing support and activities (including leisure time activities) which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities with the aim to enable them to better participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.
The Little Lives UK

Little Lives UK is a registered Charity (1171884).
Registered as a Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales No. 10591110.

Little Lives UK on charity commission website.

Our Logo

Our logo was designed by Eszter Szentpéteri in March 2017.
We used it first on our clothes donation bags.

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