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Induction Training Welcome to


Welcome to the Little Lives UK team – we’re happy to have you on board!

Why do you need Induction Training?

Induction training ensures that everyone is trained to the same standard. 
A well-trained team will be able to work safely and with confidence. 

Induction training must be completed by each new starter. You can then decide what roles you will go on to undertake in the shop/office/warehouse and which of the training cards are applicable to help you in your role. 

Who needs to complete Induction Training? 

All new starters whether they are a paid member of the team, a volunteer or a work experience placement must complete all of the induction modules.

How can you do it? 

Read through each section, ask for advice or clarification and complete any practical tasks with your trainer. When completed review the sections with your trainer and sign your training record. You may wish to read the sections on your own or if you prefer someone to assist you, please ask your trainer.