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Founder, Commercial Director

Krisztina Schafler

Commercial Director

Before founding Little Lives UK, Kriszti worked for 2 other major charities in the UK. She originally started as a volunteer for one of their charity shops but later became the store’s shop manager. After achieving this success, she established her own charity, Little Lives UK, to help disadvantaged children in the London area. The foundation of Little Lives UK was centred on Kriszti’s upbringing. She experienced a lot of challenges as a child that no-one that age should face. As she had very few people around her to help, Kriszti decided to form this charity in order to help children that are now facing similar issues. The charity aims to help local children within the London area, with many of the projects we organise being community-based projects. Guaranteeing that suffering children access much needed services that help support them was Krizsti’s overall objective for the charity.

Chief Technology Officer

Frantisek Helmeczy

Chief Technology Officer

Frantisek has been an integral member of Little Lives UK ever since the charity was first formed. He is a committed member of the team, specialising particularly in the technological aspects of the charity. This includes deployment, integration, systems management, and the development of technical operations personnel. Before Little Lives UK, Frantisek studied finance before going on to specialise in business economy. The charity has really cherished and benefitted from his studies in business. His expertise in technology and finance has also been influential, often aiding in a number of the campaigns we coordinate that involves technological items. Frantisek is often very involved in the organisation of our monthly campaigns and is devoted to ensuring the charity aids as many children in our community as possible.

Director of Human Resources

Peter Schafler

Director of Human Resources

Peter completed his studies as an accountant, but soon after chose to work in people development and HR, going on to become CIPD qualified. Whilst studying, Peter accepted an internship opportunity at a Recruitment Agency in London. After completing his internship, he was then offered a permanent position as a recruiter and client account assistant. After becoming a recruiter, he aimed to gain more experience and so worked for a number of large restaurant and hotel chains in the UK. Over the past three years, Peter has been working as an independent HR Consultant to help new businesses implement their HR structure. Peter’s experience has been invaluable for Little Lives UK, in supporting us with employment relations, along with implementing HR policies and procedures. He has also played a huge role in monitoring our staff’s training and development in our charity stores.