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Donate Your Car to Charity

Vehicle recycling in the South East made easy

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Donating your old car makes a difference

Charles Trent – Leaders In Vehicle Recycling

We have partnered with Charles Trent, the biggest car recycling company in Europe to make it easy and hassle free to Donate a car to Little Lives UK.

How to donate a car?

Step 1 Fill out the form with your details
Step 2 Charles Trent will organise a convenient time for a free collection
Step 3 Little Lives UK will receive 100% of the cars value

Why recycle a car with us?

Eco Friendly car recycling
  • Recycling your car is stress free and sustainable
  • Charles Trent recycles over 95% of each car they receive by dismantling them for salvageable parts drastically reducing wastage
  • Getting rid of an old car improves your carbon footprint
  • Why scrap your car when you can recycle your scrap car. It’s an easy eco-friendly alternative
  • Its free! Simply choose a collection that works for you and we take care of the rest
  • Do something good for the environment and for disabled and disadvantaged children

How does recycling my car benefit children?

Your car donation helps to positively impact the lives of disadvantaged and disabled children in the UK. Little Lives UK aims to support children that are living with disabilities or are having to live in challenging environments due to a lack of resources, low family income, exclusion and other factors which negatively impact their lives. Our mission is to ensure that all children are given the opportunity and resources to reach their full potential in life.Recycling my car benefit childrenWe are able to tackle this with our 4 campaigns:

Our ‘Someone to talk to’ campaign offers children free private counselling sessions, funded by us, which reduces the strain on the NHS and gives children faster access to mental health support.

Our ‘Technology programme’ provides devices to disadvantaged children so that they can do their homework and connect with peers.

Via our ‘Sports Team Sponsorship’ we provide funding to youth sports teams to help them to purchase kits, equipment, and other related costs, so that every child can enjoy playing sports.

Finally, ‘Children’s Community Support’ encompasses a wide range of projects, which gives children access to free activities and classes that will make a huge benefit to their lives. We also work with communities that are at risk of its children becoming involved with crime, gang incorporation, county-lines drug dealing and violence. The funds received from recycling your car enables us to carry on this vital work and together we can help to provide a better and brighter future for children in the UK.

Who is Charles Trent?

Charles Trent is a fourth-generation company based in Poole with over 95 years of experience in the auto recycling industry. Every year across their two locations the company processes and resells 50,000 cars a year.

Who is Charles Trent

Charles Trent has a family ethos. They are active participants in the local community with strong relationships with local collages and charities such as, Little Lives UK. Charles Trent recycle cars and salvage parts so that less goes to scrap. 

This is more sustainable than scrapping your car. And they strive to make the process as easy as possible for the customer. The team at Charles Trent will decide what is happens next based on the quality of your old vehicle, this ensures that the maximum amount will be donated.

Our reviews

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I am so happy to have been able to donate my old car to such a fantastic children’s charity. It’s also saved me a lot of stress and hassle trying to get rid of it, and knowing that it will be helping children and the environment makes it even better! Thank you so much.

Donate your vehicle now

Please fill up the form bellow to get started.
We aim to respond to you within next 2 working days.


What happens when you donate a car to charity?

Charles Trent will arrange to collect your car to be recycled and 100% of the profits from your donation will go towards supporting disadvantaged and disabled children.

How does the charity benefit from your car donation?

All of the profits from recycling your car will go towards the charity’s campaigns that help to support disadvantaged and disabled children.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, Charles Trent collects your car free of charge and will handle all of the paperwork.

What condition does my car need to be in?

The car can be in any condition, just as long as it’s a complete car and not parts of a car.

What kinds of vehicles can be recycled?

We can accept all types of vehicles.