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Our Partners Meet the organisations that have greatly
supported our work as a charity

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Little Lives UK are proud to have partnered with a number of amazing organisations that have joined our efforts in supporting disabled and disadvantaged children in London. Ranging from local businesses in our community, to larger, national corporate organisations, we have received tremendous support for some of our major projects. They all have valued the work we do, and have in different ways, all provided vital contributions that have massively helped us as a charity.

Why partner with us

Help join our efforts

in making a positive impact on our local London communities, ensuring they get the support they need.


Your contributions

are pivotal to our projects that will guarantee vulnerable children are cared for and prosper into happy & responsible adults.


Recent uncertainties have had a huge impact

on children’s well-being. Help our efforts in guaranteeing children don’t suffer in the long-term.


Build positive perceptions

of your brand through your support, as working with us can help boost your public image.


Your support

will help network your business, opening up a range of possibilities with our supporters and the organisations we help.


Your business

would receive frequent positive media coverage through both our social media channels, and on our website.

How you can get involved

Your company could take part in completing a challenge, or holding an event, which could raise valuable money for us. You can complete challenges such as marathons, obstacle courses, or hikes, or choose to organise an event yourselves. Either way, your fundraising efforts play a vital role in supporting our work through the money you raise.

Donate funds

Regular support can hugely help Little Lives UK keep vital projects running that will benefit children in the long-term. You can make a one-off donation through our website, or you can choose to donate a small amount every month by direct debit. Every donation will massively support our projects that will guarantee disadvantaged children receive the stability they need.

Donate funds
Donate electronics items
Donate electronics items

We are constantly looking to donate more electronic items to many schools and children’s organisations based in London. If your company has some old or unused technology devices that are no longer required, please consider donating them to Little Lives UK and we’ll make sure they go towards helping end the digital poverty that many children in London face.

Meet our Partners

Take a look at these organisations who have partnered with us in helping improve the lives
of vulnerable children in London. All their support has made a huge difference to our charity.

Global Processing Services

We are proud to be partnered with Global Processing Services who have been supporting us and our Technology Programme with some great donations. GPS are a technology company who are providing the latest in technology payment solutions. They are currently donating technology to us and will also be donating clothing, they are a great supporter of ours and have made a great effort to help further our Technology Programme and help children without the right resources for their education.


Little Lives UK have been working with Revolt, through their ‘End Laptop Poverty’ campaign. Due to this, Revolt have raised essential awareness for our ‘Technology Programme’, where we are donating electronic devices to London based children’s organisations. Little Lives UK have now donated 497 devices, which we believe was dramatically increased due to Revolt’s partnership with us. A huge thank you to the team at Revolt for their continued support.

Young Hammersmith
& Fulham Foundation

Little Lives UK became a proud member of the Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation in late 2020. Young Hammersmith & Fulham is a local membership charity that supports the infrastructure of the children and young people’s sector in the borough. The charity helps us promote our projects and campaigns as well as assisting us with our networking efforts across our local community. We greatly appreciate their continued support.

Child’s Play

Little Lives UK were very proud to partner with independent children’s book publisher, Child’s Play. Together, we created a Mental Health Book Pack, with £1 of each sale being donated to us to support our ‘Someone To Talk To’ project. Thanks to their support we can continue to provide disadvantaged children throughout London a safe space to express themselves through a free and accessible mental health service. A very special thanks to the team at Child’s Play.

HR-People First Consultancy

Little Lives UK were thrilled to hear that HR-People First Consultancy are to make monthly donations towards our projects. In having similar values to our charity, they want to be part of our efforts in making sure many children can prosper into happy and responsible adults. We would like to thank Agata and her team for their kindness, and our delighted to have them help us with our work.

Mr Luke Videography

Little Lives UK would like to say a massive thank you to MR Luke Videography for joining our team to help with our video content. We are delighted to have Luke on board to help film our YouTube videos, and to take photos for our social media channels. Luke’s skills in photography and video production are extremely valuable to our charity, and we would hugely like to thank him for working with us.


London-based artist Anxti, who is a strong advocate for mental health, is currently donating 10% of their soft toy sales to Little Lives UK. Anxti’s generous donation will help fund out ‘Someone to talk to’ mental health project, which aims to bring a free and accessible mental health service to disadvantaged children across London. A massive thank you to Anxti for their support.

Krystal Hosting

Little Lives UK has valued the support of Krystal hosting over the past four years. We have really appreciated their consistent assistance and support for our charity, ever since we established.

The Co-operative

The Co-op Local Community Fund has supported Little Lives UK throughout 2021. As a current local cause group, if you’re a Co-op member you can choose us and for every £1 you spend in store, 2p will be donated to us. A very special thanks to the team at Co-op for choosing to support us.

Special thanks goes to…

We have been fortunate enough to receive support from many other organisations,
through a variety of different ways. All their contributions have made a significant impact on our work.


Little Lives UK would like to thank Usborne Publishing for their kind donation of towards our charity. Usborne Publishing are a family run business and are one of the world’s leading independent children’s book publishers. They made a donation of £750 that will go towards a number of our ongoing programmes. It is always a pleasure to receive donations such as these from well-established children’s organisations, who share our values in wanting to support as many young people as possible.

Tartan Army Children’s Charity

Little Lives UK were overwhelmed with the support we received from the Tartan Army Children’s Charity. Not only did they generously donate £5,000 towards our Children’s Community Support Programme, but they also featured our charity when being interviewed on ITV’S This Morning. It was a pleasure to welcome Derek and his team along to our Fulham Broadway store on the day of England vs Scotland in the Euros. It was a pleasure working with them, and everyone at Little Lives UK would like to say an enormous thank you for their support and wish them every success for the future.


Cambridge Nursing home

Cambridge Nursing Home are currently running a fundraiser on our behalf, with the aim of raising a huge £500. Together they have designed a range of cards which they are selling in packs for a minimum donation of £5. Each pack contains a variety set of 10 occasion cards. A special thanks to all staff, residents and the local community who took time to design these cards for us, we very much appreciate your support.


Little Lives UK would like to express our gratitude to Medicshield for their donation of face masks. As a charity, we are committed to stopping the spread of Covid-19 and want to ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers. We would also like to thank Medicshield for their donation of children’s face masks. We have donated these children’s face masks to nurseries in London. Their huge donation is hugely important and is massively appreciated from everyone at Little Lives UK.

Ensemble Systems

A huge thank you to Ensemble Systems, who were generous enough to donate a number of laptops to Little Lives UK. Their valuable donation will massively help our campaign, where we donate items such as these to children and schools across London, who are in need of them.

Just Park

Little Lives UK greatly appreciated a significant donation of laptops from Just Park. Their valuable donation of items will go to some of the schools and other children’s organisations we work with and will make a huge difference for a number of children who did not have access to electronic items. We would also like to big thank you for spreading awareness about the work we do through their blog and on social media.

Fitch Ratings

Little Lives UK would like to thank Fitch Ratings for their extremely generous contribution. We are extremely grateful for their generosity, with the donation proving vital to the many organisations we are supporting through our ‘Children’s Community Support Programme’. We felt honoured to have such a huge company show their support to our work. Once again, a massive thank you to Fitch Ratings for choosing to donate to Little Lives UK.

Lending Works

A massive thank you to Landing Works for supporting our “Tablets and Devices for Children” campaign which will help local children and schools who are in desperate need of them

Finity Web

We were honoured by the Fenity Web to receive high-end articles as their contribution to our charity. Fenity Web is one of the top 10 companies out there offering unique high-quality content for very reasonable prices.

Riccardo, Eleni and Bookatable

We would like to say a big thank you to Riccardo, Eleni and Bookatable who have generously donated laptops. These Laptops have been donated to local children in need.

Andreea - TNS Makeup Artist

Instagram tns.makeup_hair

Andrea is a highly professional makeup artist from London. We are very lucky that she has contacted us and volunteered to join us at one of our children’s face painting parties. Thank You Andrea!


If you see some fancy pictures on our website, they are 99% likely to have come from rawpixel. They generously offered us a free membership and we happily accepted it. We don’t want to advertise them just for that reason, but they definitely are the best in their industry.

peter f

Peter D

Peter D was our number one in the beginning and helped us to be where we are now. Unfortunately we have lost contact with him, but we hope he is well and we miss him.

Peter worked exclusively with charities, eco-friendly / eco-conscious businesses and environmental organisations.

Thanks for everything Peter. contacted us, as they wanted to help us with one of our first campaigns to help Lea to sit on her own. And they did.

They fully financed it and thus Lea could go and get the therapy she needed.


Give Mike a file in terrible English and within a few hours he will send you back a corrected version, which sounds like British poetry. You can find him on Fiverr.