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Charity collection in Bournemouth and Poole

Donate your unwanted clothes and electronics

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Book a free charity collection directly from your home or workplace in Bournemouth and Poole

100% of your donations will be used to support our campaigns.

Fundraising regulator

We collect:

– adult’s and children’s clothes, accessories, shoes and handbags
– books, homeware items, linen, towels and curtains
– small electronics such as TVs, PCs, desktops and laptops

* we also offer office electronics clearances
*we are unable to collect duvets, pillows, blankets

For any queries please call 020 7871 3059

Improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children and young people

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Your donations will help to support the campaigns we run to provide the services and activities that children and young people need to live full, happy and healthy lives.

With your support we have been able to give:

Over 800 electronic devices to children in the UK.
Over 400 hours of free mental health sessions to children and young people.
Over 300 free activity sessions.
The chance for hundreds of children to become included in sport through our sponsorship programme.

Help the environment

Your clothes and electronics donations will help to reduce the amount of textiles and devices that are dumped into landfills each year, help to reduce carbon emissions and help to reduce the impact of global warming. Your donations don’t only help children in need, but also help our planet.

Recycle electronics

Stress free

Save yourself a trip to a charity shop or clothing bank by getting your unwanted electronics and clothes donations collected from your home or workplace. It couldn’t be easier to donate!

Stress free charity collection

Eco friendly collection

Your donation will be collected by our very own Axiam MEGA electric van. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint so will only collect in the local area to ensure that we are not using loads of energy to drive around.

Free charity collection BCP

Our next collection day is
Tuesday in between 8am-4pm

*minimum clothes collection of 2 bags or boxes
*If you’re not at home, fill out the “Driver instructions” field to let us know where you will leave the donation


What do we collect?

We collect clothes, shoes, accessories and small electrical devices such as TVs, PCs, laptops and desktops.

What if I can’t be at home?

Your donation can be left outside for collection.

What time will the driver collect from me?

Our driver organises his own driving schedule so we are unable to give an accurate time. If you would like our driver to give you a call on the morning of your collection to let you know a time, please add this to Driver Instructions.

What happens to my donation?

Your donation will be collected, sorted and then re-donated to children around the UK who are in need of clothing or are in need of technology for the education. Some donations are also sold to support our campaigns. 100% of proceeds from donations that are sold are used to support our campaigns only.