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We are here to identify and reach out
to children who are disabled or disadvantaged.

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Because every child deserves the best

Little Lives UK was founded in 2017 to identify problems within our community and develop grassroots projects to tackle them, working alongside our community, rather than imposing strategies onto them. Creating a personal connection with the families and children we help, giving them agency and empowering them for a bright future. This makes the outcomes of our projects sustainable, inclusive, and positive; this is what is truly priceless to us.

Annual reports

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Who we are

Little Lives UK’s primary focus is to help children who are disabled or disadvantaged. We provide support and opportunities to children that are facing many challenges in their young age and are in need of support. We identify problems within our community and establish grassroot projects to tackle them. Creating personal connections with the families and children we help is truly priceless to us.

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Our history

Little Lives UK was founded in 2017 to support disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable children across the UK. Since our launch, we have organised over twenty-seven grassroots projects. These cover a broad range of issues including; providing specialist health equipment to families for children with disabilities, holistic services for children’s hospices and funding after school sports activities. These campaigns have enabled us to build strong and trusting relationships with our community.

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What we do

We support children and organisations that offer activities and outreach support. Little Lives UK raises funds which ensures that the children we help are provided the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to participate within their community. We run three charity shops in London, and work within our communities to achieve our goals in making a significant difference to the children who live in the UK.

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Our mission

Our mission is to ease the stresses felt by children and those caring for them by enabling them to reach their full potential. In supporting children and young people, we aim to allow them to be carefree, which we hope will see them prosper into responsible, safe and happy adults. Ultimately our intentions are to break the cycle of child poverty and suffering.

Our campaigns that support children in need

Community support

We pride ourselves on working within our communities, to help tackle some of the major issues that children face. Through our programmes, we are making essential contributions to children’s organisations, in order for them to continue providing their much-needed services to children.

Mental health support

Our ‘Someone To Talk To’ project is bringing essential mental health services to areas of the UK most in need. The project is aiming to raise awareness about the rising mental health problems children are facing and aims to provide free counselling sessions to those who need it most.

Technology support

There are thousands of children around the UK who do not have access to technological devices. Having access to such devices is important for young people, as it will hugely help with their education, whilst also allowing them to connect more with their friends. We aim to provide the technology they need.

A day in the life of Little Lives UK

From working with volunteers, running and planning fundraising events to running social media campaigns, collecting donations and running our charity shops. No day at Little Lives UK is the same. Find out more about what we do by reading our blog.

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Meet the team at Little Lives UK

Meet our team at Little Lives UK who help the everyday running of the charity and are there to ensure that as many children as possible can get the support they need.