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Every donation you make to Little Lives UK goes to support grassroots projects that are having a real impact on the young lives of children across the UK. This is real, transformative change that helps to address problems in the lives of children in situations where traditional government support may not be readily available.
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There are several great reasons to donate to our children’s charity:

You are investing in our nation’s most precious asset – its children. Every child in the UK deserves a healthy start in life, a chance for a bright future and a warm, nurturing environment. That’s why every single one of our many projects is based on giving these children what they need to succeed in the future.

You are investing in a charity that you can trust. You can be assured that the full value of your donation goes directly to projects, not to administrative expenses. For a full list of our current campaign where your donation can make a difference, please click here.

You are helping to improve the lives of children in very tangible ways. All of our projects are based around clear, measurable objectives that make a difference in the lives of children. This makes it easier for you to understand the end result of every single donation you make. A project-based approach to charity means that we can always allocate our resources most effectively.

You are helping to build a stronger local community. Healthy and happy children are the key to building sustainable, family-friendly communities. Where children are thriving, so are families. For that reason, our projects are focused on communities where children lack traditional family support structures and may need additional help.

Each one of our nation’s children deserves a strong, healthy start in life. Your donations can make all the difference in giving them that support. Please donate today.