About Little Lives UK We are here to identify and reach out to children
in London who are disabled or disadvantaged.

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Little Lives UK was founded to identify problems within our community and develop grassroots projects to tackle them, working alongside our community, rather than imposing strategies onto them. Creating a personal connection with the families and children we help, giving them agency and empowering them for a bright future. This makes the outcomes of our projects sustainable, inclusive, and positive; this is what is truly priceless to us.

What we do

We support children and the organisations that offer them activities and outreach support.

Little Lives UK raises funds to ensure that the children we support have the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to participate within their community.

Little Lives UK relies on the generosity of the London community to achieve our goals and to make a real difference to the children who live within the city.

Our Aims

London is a vibrant city with a strong sense of community. Little Lives UK aims to make a difference to disabled and disadvantaged children by identifying organisations that require support to ensure that the children that attend or access the support have access to high quality activities that are safe, fun and educational.


To support disabled and disadvantaged children.
To help them get the necessary medical or psychological care they need
To enable the full participation of such children in all aspects of life.
Contribute to ending child poverty.

“I’d like to thank all the team at Little Lives UK and those that support your wonderful charity, for the kind donation of tablets to children in our school who did not have a device at home and were unable to access lessons online. Home learning can be a very challenging time for families, and this is amplified when there is a lack of appropriate devices in the home. As a result of your benevolence, we have been able to provide devices to children who previously had inadequate, or no, means of accessing online lessons. Your generosity and that of your supporters is truly appreciated by our whole school community. You have made a big difference to many of our little lives and have provided so much more than an item of technology: you have given children access to education.

– St Boniface RC Primary School

Little Lives UK primarily operates through our three stores in Raynes Park, Tooting, and Fulham. These stores are at the core of our charity. Not only do they provide us with funds from the donations we receive they also provide vital opportunities to interact with our community. We regularly work in conjunction with local communities and other charities, to implement the best possible services. This ensures that we can provide the highest possible standards of support and care to any child who needs it.

Annual reports

Trustees Annual Report
and Accounts 2017-2018

Trustees Annual Report
and Accounts 2018-2019

Trustees Annual Report
and Accounts 2019-2020